Ultimate Superbowl Nachos Challenge (10,000+ Cals)

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The Superbowl is this Sunday and I'm pumped! Figured I'd prepare the only way I know how....


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  1. Arush Chamba

    Arush Chamba

    13 minutter siden

    Matt: does a food challenge plate: here we go again

  2. Raiyan Tehjib Nuha

    Raiyan Tehjib Nuha

    3 timer siden

    This much will be enough for me and my cousin's to eat while watching a movie

  3. Maria Cedeno

    Maria Cedeno

    4 timer siden


  4. Jeremiah Lotter

    Jeremiah Lotter

    5 timer siden

    Lol 😂 awesome mess bro!

  5. Kronus24


    8 timer siden

    I’m hungry

  6. Juka Alkasar

    Juka Alkasar

    11 timer siden

    too much talk eats not really run out, because u hv many subscribers now, u not seriously to eat?

    • A Random Dude

      A Random Dude

      11 timer siden

      Did you have a stroke while typing this??

  7. Anush Viswanathan

    Anush Viswanathan

    12 timer siden

    This is the reason he has a chiseled jaw line

  8. FistSaidToTheFace


    13 timer siden

    1 bag of chips, half of the ingredients, second layer of chips, the rest of the ingredients. piling everything on top makes no sense.

  9. Fatemeh Rahdar

    Fatemeh Rahdar

    20 timer siden

    نمیذارن هضم بشه

  10. Fatemeh Rahdar

    Fatemeh Rahdar

    20 timer siden

    بعدش همه بالا میاره

  11. Miguel


    Dag siden

    Bruh I knew his record would be 20:49:14

  12. Sarita SINGH

    Sarita SINGH

    Dag siden

    After making a video Matt will be like I have to be hungry for a week now

  13. mathel ASMR

    mathel ASMR

    Dag siden

    Don't u hurt your stomach man

  14. Bryant Pinto

    Bryant Pinto

    Dag siden

    I'm in Fremont, let's link this week. I'll feed you

  15. Ricardo Magalhães

    Ricardo Magalhães

    Dag siden

    Imagine showing this to a kid in Africa

  16. Deborah Ferreira

    Deborah Ferreira

    Dag siden

    Um canal desse tamanho sem legenda? 🥺

  17. ACEwolfie


    Dag siden

    9:17 my kidneys almost jumps out of me LMAO

  18. LEgenDrY LeGEnd

    LEgenDrY LeGEnd

    2 dager siden


  19. Gurshaan Brar

    Gurshaan Brar

    2 dager siden

    I think most of the food went on his face and on his right hand

  20. Glenton Salmon

    Glenton Salmon

    3 dager siden

    That phones cam quality tho

  21. oTNielGamerproPVP


    3 dager siden

    how much

  22. august fyr

    august fyr

    3 dager siden

    eating starts at 5.57

  23. Sanaa Mohamed

    Sanaa Mohamed

    4 dager siden

    Gordon Ramsey: WTF are you doing? Kalen Allen: You about to give yourself a heart attack

  24. ashraf sipra

    ashraf sipra

    4 dager siden

    Please try the chicken 🐔 karahi

  25. Beast At All

    Beast At All

    4 dager siden

    Who else waches this when hungry

  26. Misaki Ryuu

    Misaki Ryuu

    4 dager siden

    Ah les gars quand même c'est hyper dégeu c'est une catastrophe meme

  27. 64 Aditya Umrethwala

    64 Aditya Umrethwala

    5 dager siden


  28. Dreamer Meme

    Dreamer Meme

    5 dager siden

    Dude that looks so good 🤤🥵

  29. Azrul riaz

    Azrul riaz

    5 dager siden

    I am a small kids

  30. blue mania

    blue mania

    5 dager siden

    *matt walks in the bathroom* His toilet:tactical nuke incoming His toilet:toiletia take care of toilet junior Toiletia:NOOOO

  31. Hamster Life0302

    Hamster Life0302

    5 dager siden

    Here’s something I thought would happen if he went into a restaurant and got this Waiter: would you like a fork? Matt: Fork? No I’ve got nature’s forks right here. *holds up fingers*

  32. Dario Custodio Santiago

    Dario Custodio Santiago

    5 dager siden

    Damut di namimigay baka namn Po kahit isang garapun lng ng nuttela jn🤣

  33. choky c

    choky c

    6 dager siden

    Thats so yummmmy 😋🤤

  34. sarthak maharana

    sarthak maharana

    6 dager siden

    me when tries to eat fast i finish in 2 hrs me when eats while watching a movie :

  35. Baran Dinç

    Baran Dinç

    6 dager siden


  36. Pipal's Punu

    Pipal's Punu

    7 dager siden

    Matt Stonie is a competitive eater as well as competitive pooper🤣

  37. REALDonut King

    REALDonut King

    7 dager siden

    Matt stonie: walks into bathroom Toilet: have mercy on my please, my toilet paper depends on me

  38. pes lover

    pes lover

    7 dager siden

    How the fuck u r not fat

  39. Katharina


    7 dager siden

    5:12 can someone tell me what phone that is?

  40. Norshahirah Amirah

    Norshahirah Amirah

    8 dager siden

    YT recommended this at night damn 😌

  41. Fast Furious

    Fast Furious

    8 dager siden

    Who like olives?

  42. Hasan Hasasn kafi

    Hasan Hasasn kafi

    8 dager siden

    این همه میخوری برا چی نسبتا لاغری آخه این درسته؟

  43. Hasan Hasasn kafi

    Hasan Hasasn kafi

    8 dager siden

    این همه میخوری برا چی نسبتا لاغری آخه این درسته؟

  44. Huda Khan

    Huda Khan

    8 dager siden

    Me:It would take me 50 years to finish that whole thing Matt Stonie:Are u dumb?Stupid or dumb huh?

  45. Tupac Shukar

    Tupac Shukar

    9 dager siden

    Not so fullll☠️☠️☠️☠️

  46. Everything


    9 dager siden

    the bad things about this is that im watching this and im hungry, you destroy this, good job :D

  47. Adrian Morales

    Adrian Morales

    9 dager siden

    How tf are you still alive

  48. Ch Aryan

    Ch Aryan

    10 dager siden

    Huaa stomach mechine

  49. manan patel

    manan patel

    11 dager siden

    How the actual fuck does he eat this much and not get fat?

  50. Herman Hermawan

    Herman Hermawan

    11 dager siden

    celens Sari Gandum 20 pcs

  51. Aiv


    11 dager siden

    You need a bigger plate, but I doubt you can buy a bigger plate than that.

  52. Kadir Turker

    Kadir Turker

    11 dager siden


  53. Jeewan Chathuranga

    Jeewan Chathuranga

    11 dager siden


  54. Fear Jxy

    Fear Jxy

    11 dager siden

    Ngl!!!!👀👀you gotta STOMACH ON YOU !!!

  55. Crayson Neeley

    Crayson Neeley

    12 dager siden

    I come from a big irish family my grandma would be happy and confused at the same time she luvs to feed people and wounder how much he can actually put down

  56. Jonathon Severino

    Jonathon Severino

    12 dager siden

    Let’s go buccaneers!

  57. EPItech


    12 dager siden

    How this dude sleeps at night after a challenge I’ll never know, went “crazy” at dinner last night because I starved myself all day and ordered an Extra whooper with my large whooper meal and I was awake all night tossing and turning.

    • waris kaler

      waris kaler

      3 dager siden

      this guy do gym more and more thats why

  58. Anthony Jordan

    Anthony Jordan

    12 dager siden

    Me watching again after the chiefs won😌

  59. Ashwin Bester

    Ashwin Bester

    13 dager siden

    I could eat that in 2 hours

  60. Brick Lover

    Brick Lover

    13 dager siden

    My ingredients: Nacho cheese Chips

  61. Tyranix97


    14 dager siden

    You grocery bill must be AMAZING!

  62. Amma Rehan

    Amma Rehan

    14 dager siden

    How tf is he still skinny

  63. K H

    K H

    14 dager siden


  64. VAishakh Av

    VAishakh Av

    15 dager siden

    Im hungry watching this

  65. Raminullah Sanjari

    Raminullah Sanjari

    15 dager siden

    Eww wat is that

  66. Erica Cosme

    Erica Cosme

    16 dager siden

    its crazy how they all hav the same laugh, i wonder if its from mom or dad

  67. Jonathan Quach

    Jonathan Quach

    16 dager siden

    Me thinking: the aftermath of the food eating challenges

  68. Ifraz Hassan

    Ifraz Hassan

    16 dager siden

    Matt was this harder or the extreme chili cheese fries harder. I think this one was harder.

  69. Yeeter Peter

    Yeeter Peter

    16 dager siden

    7:49 his eyes are so weird lol

  70. Mishy The SilverHex

    Mishy The SilverHex

    16 dager siden

    I honestly thought Matt was going to face plant it and start eatting it that way 😂

  71. Hinoto swu Assumi

    Hinoto swu Assumi

    17 dager siden

    But clean ur nose

  72. Mario Luigi

    Mario Luigi

    17 dager siden


    • Periodic Live

      Periodic Live

      11 dager siden


  73. Przemek Urban

    Przemek Urban

    18 dager siden

    Gdzie ty to mieścisz pozdro

  74. Mervin Torres

    Mervin Torres

    18 dager siden

    This made me really hungry

  75. Rookie 0852

    Rookie 0852

    18 dager siden

    every Mexicans dream!!

  76. Gyan RB

    Gyan RB

    18 dager siden

    Flash- my metabolism is the fastest Matt stonie- hold my gun

  77. MSG_Ghost10


    18 dager siden

    His stomach is like “man chill out” as he stuffs food in his mouth



    19 dager siden

    He looks like a damn monster while eating 😶

  79. Michael Gillett

    Michael Gillett

    19 dager siden

    I think this Chanel is more about him staying in shape rather than eating. Because he eats a lot of stuff and makes sure he's in shape.

  80. mOnSter GooNZ

    mOnSter GooNZ

    19 dager siden


  81. Mr Master

    Mr Master

    20 dager siden


  82. Dipak Shrestha

    Dipak Shrestha

    20 dager siden


  83. {Gacha}Ay kızı

    {Gacha}Ay kızı

    21 dag siden


  84. Sidharth anil

    Sidharth anil

    21 dag siden

    He needs a bigger plate 🍽😂

  85. Sci Fire

    Sci Fire

    21 dag siden

    A lot of people use the goopy nacho cheese sauce, but i prefer using actual shredded cheddar cheese and then melting that. It's much better.

    • Periodic Live

      Periodic Live

      11 dager siden


  86. Gage Holman

    Gage Holman

    21 dag siden

    I love u I love the 9ers

  87. rgMafi


    22 dager siden

    I struggle to eat 1000 calories a day lmfao

    • Sam S

      Sam S

      21 dag siden

      Fr same lol

  88. Evergreen Sylhet

    Evergreen Sylhet

    22 dager siden

    I'm literally thinking does he eats once in a week😂

  89. Bhuvan Naskar

    Bhuvan Naskar

    23 dager siden

    Will u do 10 pound cotton candy challenge pls

  90. Ted SmallDik

    Ted SmallDik

    23 dager siden

    I 👍🏼 this video immediately from the thumbnail alone

  91. Anthony Calvacca

    Anthony Calvacca

    23 dager siden

    My bigger chip *snap* dammit

  92. rube goldberg project

    rube goldberg project

    23 dager siden

    8:38 😂

  93. BOX OwO

    BOX OwO

    24 dager siden

    Ultimate Superbowl made me Ultimate Super hungry

  94. Julia :D

    Julia :D

    24 dager siden

    I can‘t even finish 2 packs of ramen 😂😂

  95. fobo420


    24 dager siden

    Legend says it, there was once a guy that tried getting some of matt stonies food during one of his challenges, bet you've never heard of it, and for good reason cuz matt stonie ate him

  96. Honey Gupta

    Honey Gupta

    24 dager siden

    People need food after working hard. But, in case of Matt Stonie, he has to workout hard after food. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Christian Felan

    Christian Felan

    24 dager siden

    Unlike him i probably wouldve slowly enjoyed that XD

  98. Game_ on

    Game_ on

    24 dager siden

    How big his belly ia

  99. Victor Ulhôa

    Victor Ulhôa

    24 dager siden

    I'm hungry 😞

  100. Shinynight


    24 dager siden

    When the boys want some of ur lunch