MEGA PORK RAMEN Challenge, Tokyo JP | メガ豚野郎ラメン

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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie

    År siden

    Not currently in Japan! Just some old footage from my last trip to Japan back in 2019 #StayAtHome :)

    • Julian Carrion

      Julian Carrion

      26 dager siden

      If i could go one place in the world it would be tokyo

    • nori woodlyn

      nori woodlyn

      Måned siden


    • Mr. Yuso

      Mr. Yuso

      Måned siden

      3:38 need to cut this clip bro hahahahaha

    • meadow


      3 måneder siden




      4 måneder siden

      Love Joy F U though and I hope the worst for you.

  2. Stefan Beer

    Stefan Beer

    Dag siden

    almost snotted on the ramen

  3. Ryan Waters

    Ryan Waters

    Dag siden

    Im such a big fan of Matt. Id love if he made vlogs he has the coolest personality.

  4. Jerry Last

    Jerry Last

    Dag siden

    Morgan is something else.. no comment not to be mean but we’ll you Matt just not Morgan stay filming cause you can’t handle the eating.

  5. Celal Ozdemir

    Celal Ozdemir

    3 dager siden

    ok who came from anime man

  6. ibrahmar123


    5 dager siden

    I'm hungry now 😭😭😭

  7. Neon Playz

    Neon Playz

    8 dager siden

    3:14 challenge starts

  8. Thisisajoke


    10 dager siden


  9. Holly WoodLA

    Holly WoodLA

    11 dager siden

    When he coughed I was nah

  10. 13斉木楠雄


    14 dager siden

    2:30 team panot😂

  11. Glitzy K

    Glitzy K

    14 dager siden

    This is nothing for matt!!

  12. En N H An

    En N H An

    15 dager siden

    When youre matt stonie u cant ejoys foods with friends

  13. Nathan Yang

    Nathan Yang

    16 dager siden

    we learn something Matt is Japanese

  14. やばさん


    18 dager siden


  15. らいyamamoto


    20 dager siden


  16. Dex


    20 dager siden


  17. Longkiram Rongphar

    Longkiram Rongphar

    21 dag siden

    Stonei Don't challenge with this guy again he is very noop

  18. Resolve


    23 dager siden

    when the teacher on duty tells everyone in the lunch hall theres 5mins left of lunch

  19. Miles Vlogs

    Miles Vlogs

    24 dager siden

    His brains came out🤣

  20. neilmar untal

    neilmar untal

    24 dager siden

    I just saw a team panot word in you back it made me smile cause I'm philipino 😂😂😂

  21. Aja Jefferson

    Aja Jefferson

    25 dager siden

    Matt are you an Aries or Leo ? lol

  22. Cynthia Ramirez

    Cynthia Ramirez

    26 dager siden

    3:56 lollllll

  23. el do

    el do

    26 dager siden

    I don't understand why must your weak ass bro doing a food challenge his a pussy..

  24. HIT ASH


    26 dager siden

    3:56 😪😪🤣🤣🤣

  25. Sairento Kage

    Sairento Kage

    27 dager siden

    Ms. Koizumi san loves ramen

  26. Ian Simpson

    Ian Simpson

    27 dager siden

    no Ichiraku comments? aight imma head out

  27. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie

    27 dager siden

    Back when I was doing ten dangerous stunts on camera per month, following that sexting scandal from December 2018.

  28. Rahamuseo


    28 dager siden

    Yellow eleven spotted at 3:58 Captain 😄

  29. joseph buckley

    joseph buckley

    28 dager siden

    Do the japan noodle bowl challenge where you eat a bunch of small bowls of noodles

  30. Chiranjeeb Mahanta

    Chiranjeeb Mahanta

    29 dager siden

    Matt and his friend Stonie

  31. GokuHas MyHeart

    GokuHas MyHeart

    29 dager siden

    I love morgan hes so funny. I hope you make more videos together you're both awesome I've been watching since the huge pizza lunchables you made years ago lol

  32. RayyanN Friends

    RayyanN Friends

    Måned siden

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  33. 5purplecups Hood

    5purplecups Hood

    Måned siden

    When the noodles came out his nose i cried of laughter 😂😂😂

  34. Shubham Jaiswal

    Shubham Jaiswal

    Måned siden

    If "Smoke weed everyday" was a person, it would be Morgan

  35. Ian Cham

    Ian Cham

    Måned siden


  36. Ruby Chan

    Ruby Chan

    Måned siden

    Matt: *gotta eat fast* Morgan: *just vibing and enjoying*

  37. envøy_


    Måned siden

    the snot gmfu 🤣

  38. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    Måned siden

    Morgan at 4:46 😂

  39. Roblox Robify

    Roblox Robify

    Måned siden

    Muslims watching this be like: 👁👄👁

  40. yellow spark

    yellow spark

    Måned siden

    Tokyo is my dream place to go #animecity

  41. Yuuka Shuuji

    Yuuka Shuuji

    Måned siden

    Did someone see the "Team Panot? Lol.

  42. T. WY

    T. WY

    Måned siden

    This is mega ramen : nonet.info/glo/video/mnuLcaKsaMWdma0 Not this tiny bowl lol

  43. runningrock124


    Måned siden

    i want to go to Japan!

  44. John316


    Måned siden

    For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life

  45. soup


    Måned siden

    seeing almost everyone without masks is so bizarre now

  46. CheeterBeeter


    Måned siden

    Ok that snot comin out yo nose made me want to throw up

  47. Mr. Yuso

    Mr. Yuso

    Måned siden

    And no one talking about this 3:57 😂😂😂

  48. Mr. Yuso

    Mr. Yuso

    Måned siden

    Need to cut this clip bro 3:57 hahahaha

  49. Michaelistic


    Måned siden

    2:31 TEAM PANOT on the wall, very good filipino joke

  50. Jay Stin

    Jay Stin

    Måned siden

    Bruh check the 3:58

  51. kristine gangman

    kristine gangman

    Måned siden

    Team Panot

  52. kk818 gd

    kk818 gd

    Måned siden


  53. Being Rising

    Being Rising

    Måned siden

    ramen pork look so under cooked. I can imagine the tapeworms 🤢🤢🤢

  54. John Rodgers

    John Rodgers

    Måned siden

    Not a big fan of Japanese food but that looks delicious

  55. Asya Asya

    Asya Asya

    Måned siden


  56. joe


    Måned siden

    We’re do I know this guy from ( gets flash back to second grade) oh yeah I can’t believe he’s real

  57. jewish mossadshinbit

    jewish mossadshinbit

    Måned siden

    i have spiderman ps4 game playstion 4 games switch 3ds games xbox 360 ps2 ps2 system you can barrow aj winn

  58. jewish mossadshinbit

    jewish mossadshinbit

    Måned siden

    my parents know jennifer polasas bradle pennlua malisa pennlica perez torre alan perez pennilca torre april winn shiro wants to raise you to matt stonie raffipuff jakob justin kun umi wolfychu jordansweeto were moving to tyoko japan okwna

  59. ʟᴜғғʏシ


    Måned siden

    Its monday here 2021 feb 15 8:43 pm

  60. DunDun


    2 måneder siden

    3:57 ah shit, the snot lmao 😂😂

  61. A B Cars N’ Guitars

    A B Cars N’ Guitars

    2 måneder siden

    Man oh man, that looks so good!!!

  62. Dynamited


    2 måneder siden

    Me just trying to understand the Japanese words he said in his title

  63. Cos miC

    Cos miC

    2 måneder siden

    The food looks so similar to the ones I eat in a Japanese restaurant

  64. Lil' Kali

    Lil' Kali

    2 måneder siden

    No sh** I can eat 2 of these in less than 1 minute I love ramen so much

  65. Hashirama Senju

    Hashirama Senju

    2 måneder siden

    I love it when he includes Morgan in the challenge. It makes us think twice if we can do it ourselves lol.

  66. Modern Plush Cinema

    Modern Plush Cinema

    2 måneder siden

    OMG! A Beatles song was playing! 1:48 😱

  67. akshay jaggi

    akshay jaggi

    2 måneder siden

    His stomach will be preserved in a museum after his death..thats fo sure

  68. Tomba Khumukcham

    Tomba Khumukcham

    2 måneder siden

    This was a real easy job for him

  69. 蕉そす


    2 måneder siden

    Chris is crying right now.

  70. RUẞIC


    2 måneder siden

    2:10 Team Panot for the win✊

  71. craig bowley

    craig bowley

    2 måneder siden

    The look on Morgan's face was priceless😂😂😂

  72. Lumel Pacada

    Lumel Pacada

    2 måneder siden

    That sip on - 3:58

  73. Keyonna Walker

    Keyonna Walker

    2 måneder siden

    So we’re just going to ignore that when Matt started counting down Morgan was just pretending to go faster but not actually putting anything in his mouth? Oh okay 🤣🤣🤣

  74. F8_ Megalodon

    F8_ Megalodon

    2 måneder siden

    0:28 ayeee February 15th 2019 was my 20th B-Day

  75. Gaminggenix


    2 måneder siden

    This is naruto s dream

  76. roger smith

    roger smith

    2 måneder siden

    Mega bean sprouts challenge lol

  77. roger smith

    roger smith

    2 måneder siden

    Looks so good

  78. roger smith

    roger smith

    2 måneder siden

    Morgan seems high... looks small

  79. roger smith

    roger smith

    2 måneder siden

    That looks sooo yummy

  80. Shakil Haque

    Shakil Haque

    2 måneder siden


  81. LinedBadger 1826

    LinedBadger 1826

    2 måneder siden

    Where’s naruto?

  82. Louis Le

    Louis Le

    2 måneder siden

    @3:57 click it. Booger alert HAHAHAHAHA XD

  83. Night


    2 måneder siden

    Normal Human vs Matt Stonie

  84. Angel Cervantes

    Angel Cervantes

    2 måneder siden

    Whos here during corona 👇🏻

  85. Isaac Pacheco

    Isaac Pacheco

    2 måneder siden

    alguém BR ???? LIKE

  86. FIX Every

    FIX Every

    2 måneder siden


  87. Emmanuel Ivan Perez

    Emmanuel Ivan Perez

    2 måneder siden

    Sino yung pilipinong nagsulat ng "team panot" sa background nila? Ahahhahaa

  88. Okita -san

    Okita -san

    2 måneder siden

    Did the noodle just pop out in his Nose. Lmao

  89. David Jacob

    David Jacob

    2 måneder siden

    3:57 part is the best part bro aaaaahhhaaaahhhhaaaahhaaaa dang... lovin it

  90. mr. gg

    mr. gg

    2 måneder siden

    Ok what the hell did i just saw to his nose😂😂😂

  91. Truman Buller

    Truman Buller

    2 måneder siden

    Naruto: G I M M IE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Hakai


    2 måneder siden

    japan is just so amazing

  93. Jepoy Burner

    Jepoy Burner

    2 måneder siden

    He's actually eating it kinda like a normal human being.

    • d dat

      d dat

      2 måneder siden

      I mean he is in a restaurant, I believe he wanted to me more respectful

  94. Bjarni Moraa

    Bjarni Moraa

    2 måneder siden

    When I'm speedrunning food challenge Me: 6:37

  95. Bjarni Moraa

    Bjarni Moraa

    2 måneder siden


  96. rounak kakoti

    rounak kakoti

    2 måneder siden

    He was eating slowly we all know but still that was fast compared to normal eater

  97. Nbkdelta1 Gaming Channel

    Nbkdelta1 Gaming Channel

    2 måneder siden

    thats one thing i would definitely do in japan if i ever go just a big eating spree try every thing that wont kill you so no poison fish

  98. 1008daityan


    2 måneder siden

    Morgan should have his own channel.

  99. victoria carmen casas

    victoria carmen casas

    2 måneder siden

    hahaha he's nose😂😂😂

  100. Divinee Artist

    Divinee Artist

    2 måneder siden

    That ramen started simmering on him he had to take the coat off 😂😂😂YOU GO MATT‼️ and morgan you doing great‼️ you got this bro