I didn't have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don't want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!
Hoping all this won't last long, but until then...

Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie

    År siden

    Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔 Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come! Stay safe & healthy everyone!

    • John Hisatake

      John Hisatake

      3 måneder siden

      be healthy Matt I miss you bro

    • Ricky


      5 måneder siden


    • Anu Priya

      Anu Priya

      5 måneder siden

      Thanks and same to you bro

    • ma h

      ma h

      6 måneder siden

      Aight bet

    • Vir Thakkar

      Vir Thakkar

      6 måneder siden

      STAY HEALTHY *ahem ahem*

  2. Disc Golf Digest

    Disc Golf Digest

    8 timer siden

    I love pho!! Great video

  3. Will Z

    Will Z

    13 dager siden

    damn its been a year already

  4. MagneticMagnetGaming


    14 dager siden

    This is from Marina right???

  5. muhamet salik

    muhamet salik

    20 dager siden


  6. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie

    27 dager siden

    One year later, COVID-19 is still here.

  7. jacko1623


    Måned siden

    All this food looks so good.

  8. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    Måned siden

    Matt just saved the place he ordered from.

  9. Custom Coin Rings USA

    Custom Coin Rings USA

    Måned siden

    I've been doing my part to help local restaurants. Like REALLY help them out this past year. I've ordered PostMates 4 times a week for 1 year, and I've supported them to the tune of just over $13,000 lol! Thanks Matt, and thanks to all the restaurants and their employees!

  10. ReZert


    Måned siden


  11. ZR Sykxo

    ZR Sykxo

    Måned siden

    For me the hashtag stops so it looks like the title is I can take out

  12. Lily Liao

    Lily Liao

    Måned siden

    "lets end this virus"

  13. pablo valdivia

    pablo valdivia

    Måned siden

    que fome si no te atoras

  14. SeedsAreUs


    2 måneder siden

    Matt is such a nice guy

  15. kenny ramey

    kenny ramey

    2 måneder siden

    Almost a year from this post. Is that restaurant still open? Will you do a fallow up video.

  16. BigBody Benz

    BigBody Benz

    2 måneder siden

    Bruh what the heck? I don’t remember this vid coming out 😂

  17. Alex Quintero

    Alex Quintero

    2 måneder siden

    Ha ha lol 🖕😝

  18. V B

    V B

    2 måneder siden

    Pho is so amazing . 🍲

  19. TheGeneral


    2 måneder siden

    hey man I work at a grocery store and I say buy it up, the stuff is there to buy/sell. You can just ask us to order you a case instead of wiping the shelf it's alot easier for everyone.



    2 måneder siden

    Mat stonie said get excited just like Dr stone 😌🔥🔥🦾

  21. Austin Matherly

    Austin Matherly

    2 måneder siden

    Nice job stonie

  22. Pink Drink

    Pink Drink

    2 måneder siden

    I live in in NY (New York) and I love it. So I have been supporting my local shops and food places.

  23. Hung Ly

    Hung Ly

    2 måneder siden


  24. Garrett Elam

    Garrett Elam

    2 måneder siden

    February 2021 and were seeing the effects of people not being able to support local business as much as they did in the beginning

  25. XxDomixX


    2 måneder siden

    Hi I'am the 115,000 Thousand like

  26. bhavya


    2 måneder siden


  27. stech


    2 måneder siden

    that looks really good

  28. Parsa Rahnama

    Parsa Rahnama

    3 måneder siden

    سلام کی اینجا ایرانیه

  29. Mitchell Cheung

    Mitchell Cheung

    3 måneder siden

    "over one week" lol

  30. Zubair Khan

    Zubair Khan

    3 måneder siden

    If ur looking for some South Asian easy food recipe then check this channel..nonet.info/glo/video/lnlpc5etj8iZyIM

  31. Cuong Nguyen

    Cuong Nguyen

    4 måneder siden

    Hey it a nem chua and a pho wowwww :))))))))))))

  32. Joseph A

    Joseph A

    4 måneder siden

    Your real problem is the shutdowns and your crazy governor

  33. Liz Kerr

    Liz Kerr

    4 måneder siden

    "For over a WEEK now!" 😭😭😭 7 months later...😭😭😭

  34. SunnyD Sini

    SunnyD Sini

    4 måneder siden

    China people made covid-19 because they eat animals.

  35. Rocket Pheonix

    Rocket Pheonix

    4 måneder siden

    Now that's what I call a bowl of pho.

  36. BNK X1

    BNK X1

    4 måneder siden

    How did you have that much patienc to count 4044 M&M’s nonet.info/glo/video/moGqe29mfNuem50

  37. Guilherme André

    Guilherme André

    4 måneder siden

    Brasil 👽

  38. Darksoul Gaming

    Darksoul Gaming

    5 måneder siden

    Is that pho?

  39. Shashank Singh

    Shashank Singh

    5 måneder siden

    You are awesome sir

  40. Nasus


    5 måneder siden

    From VietNam with love

  41. Smash Zone

    Smash Zone

    5 måneder siden

    Salad rolls*

  42. FL Gấu Nguyễn

    FL Gấu Nguyễn

    5 måneder siden

    This is Vietnamese foods

  43. SwtHeavenlyDove


    5 måneder siden

    Music: becomes dramatic. Matt: eats happily. Matt: eats painfully. Music: plays happy music

  44. Man of Rice

    Man of Rice

    5 måneder siden

    Yeah but pho in a red white and blue bowl lmao

  45. Will


    5 måneder siden

    Holy fuck stonie lives in the same city as mee😳

  46. Similak Child

    Similak Child

    5 måneder siden

    That's called DIY Pho.

  47. Ghostboyvang


    5 måneder siden

    Lame people: the meat is raw don’t eat it Asian people: ayah ayah it cooks from the soup

  48. Jose Maldonado

    Jose Maldonado

    5 måneder siden

    nonet.info/glo/video/o4OqYHx4nNlslp0 I imagine you doing this 😭😭🥺🥺😭

  49. Kevin Van Dyke

    Kevin Van Dyke

    5 måneder siden


  50. Classicpolar


    5 måneder siden

    San José is my hometown!!!!!

  51. Marius Surmei

    Marius Surmei

    5 måneder siden

    Hello Matt, my name is Marius, I’m working for the restaurant The Burgr Factory, from Romania We are the best burger restaurant in the world with over 90 types of burgers in the menu and with a lot of challenges and crazy ideas that we post on our NOnet channel. Look, I’m perfectly conscious that I’m just another random guy that message you, ( and hopefully not annoying you ) but I’m a very huge fan and I’m watching you on NOnet for a couple of years and I’m always get very surprised of your crazy challenges. In our restaurant, The Burgr Factory, we have a lot of challenges, but the most popular one is The Bossman Challenge with a 5-6kg burger who needs to be done in 30 minutes. By far, nobody finish it and I’m 1000% sure that you will. I will love if you can come to Romania and make a vlog together, i know this will be a great and fun experience for both of us, an amazing opportunity for me to meet you and for you to visit a tremendous and underrated country. And please, don’t think about the money or any kind of expenses like the transport or the hotel, it’s our pleasure to solve that. We just just want to make new friends and have an amazing experience together Please, consider my invitation and think about it, I do really believe this will be a great experience for both of us Have a great day! With all respect, Marius Surmei

  52. Tu Macho

    Tu Macho

    5 måneder siden

    Vote for trump idiots !! California is a dump !

  53. Mvp Rocketboy

    Mvp Rocketboy

    6 måneder siden

    Do at home pho challenge

  54. Toby Kaii

    Toby Kaii

    6 måneder siden

    looks like Vietnamese food

  55. Manav Kevadiya

    Manav Kevadiya

    6 måneder siden

    Morgan is so freakin annoying😑

  56. Al S

    Al S

    6 måneder siden

    I absolutely love pho!

  57. Dominic V

    Dominic V

    6 måneder siden

    Damn who knew quarantine was gonna last this long lol.

  58. Declan Gaming

    Declan Gaming

    6 måneder siden

    Hi I’m a Vietnamese I’m eating Pho and other stuff that you ate and wow I’ve been subbed for years

  59. Bui Quang Hung

    Bui Quang Hung

    6 måneder siden

    Phở and Gỏi Cuốn of Vietnam 🇻🇳

  60. S J

    S J

    6 måneder siden

    Matt for President anybody??? ❤🥺

  61. Sun


    6 måneder siden

    Everyone: don't eat outside food during quarantine else u might get corona Matt Stone: eat as much as you can during quarantine to stop corona

  62. Chandler Bing

    Chandler Bing

    6 måneder siden


  63. Im Stillcool

    Im Stillcool

    6 måneder siden

    This would be my whole meal for 2 months

  64. Alicia Jackson

    Alicia Jackson

    6 måneder siden

    video food fans love you fans

  65. ggnoobjheu


    6 måneder siden

    Vietnam food?

    • Bui Quang Hung

      Bui Quang Hung

      6 måneder siden


  66. Neel Dutta

    Neel Dutta

    6 måneder siden

    Hi everyone

  67. hey nice hen

    hey nice hen

    6 måneder siden

    His dentist has been a billionaire by now

  68. Oh_Yeah5678


    6 måneder siden

    Patrick Star vs Matt; nonet.info/glo/video/g5KIZoeafteHy3c

  69. Tsk 123

    Tsk 123

    6 måneder siden

    I thought he ate it in less then 2 minutes because the video was 4 minutes

  70. francois tran

    francois tran

    6 måneder siden

    Isn’t this pho 🍲

  71. scrim ferguson

    scrim ferguson

    6 måneder siden

    He said quarantine for a week and a half now only if he knew how bad would be in about 6 months where you carnitine it for like a year

    • Hologas Supplier

      Hologas Supplier

      6 måneder siden

      small hats limiting freedom

  72. Nhựt phong Nguyễn

    Nhựt phong Nguyễn

    6 måneder siden

    Spring rolls vs Vietnamese pho

  73. CuriosityFTW


    6 måneder siden

    The food of my people

  74. andamart


    6 måneder siden

    damn remember when we thought quarantine would only last a couple weeks...6 months later

  75. Jay Le

    Jay Le

    6 måneder siden

    not spring roll rice paper roll

  76. fleesonrats


    6 måneder siden

    When know one knows what pho is accept Asians and some people

  77. Rick Dangerous

    Rick Dangerous

    6 måneder siden

    there is no virus... I still dont know anyone that got it

    • Hologas Supplier

      Hologas Supplier

      6 måneder siden

      small hats limiting freedom

    • Barry


      6 måneder siden

      By your logic cancer doesn’t exist because I don’t know anyone who has it . See how dumb that sounds ? Smh

  78. Shane Skaalerud

    Shane Skaalerud

    6 måneder siden

    Five months later the coronavirus went supernova! Apparently Donald Trump shit his pants and spreading it through the United States of America.

  79. Satvik Vasamsetti

    Satvik Vasamsetti

    6 måneder siden

    it is a virus not a disease

  80. Maeloh


    6 måneder siden

    that jaw is poppin'

  81. Sammi Meek

    Sammi Meek

    6 måneder siden

    PHÕ ❤❤

  82. x x

    x x

    7 måneder siden

    How he is skinny? It's almost defeat biology and physics logic🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    • Barry


      6 måneder siden

      Nope . It’s physics law of thermodynamics calories in calories out . He eats very little other days and it balances out

  83. احمد تي في

    احمد تي في

    7 måneder siden

    الو السلام وعليكم كيفكن انشالله بخير

  84. Ritoban Maity

    Ritoban Maity

    7 måneder siden

    I like how he readies all the food without saying a word and then begins talking

  85. Kevin Bracewell

    Kevin Bracewell

    7 måneder siden

    takeout tuesday quistion what's your better challenges if spicys the worst?

  86. ItzN0tDP


    7 måneder siden

    What is mom and pop?

    • Loud silent Gamer

      Loud silent Gamer

      7 måneder siden

      Small shops opened by families not owned by companies

  87. hmoobyaj01


    7 måneder siden

    U should do a spicy papaya changelle.

  88. trương công hải luân

    trương công hải luân

    7 måneder siden

    pho and cuong mumy

  89. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith

    7 måneder siden

    I lowkey forget stonie was a competitive eater for a second cus when he was talking at the beginning I was like this is so wholesome then he was like slluuurrrpp haha

  90. ItsJust DylanDude

    ItsJust DylanDude

    7 måneder siden

    i actually hate the spring rolls

  91. Mohamad Harissa

    Mohamad Harissa

    7 måneder siden

    sriracha sauce magic

  92. Spider-Man


    7 måneder siden

    What kind of roll is that?

  93. MAK official

    MAK official

    7 måneder siden

    Vietnamese with love

  94. roro To

    roro To

    7 måneder siden


  95. Ricardo Reyes

    Ricardo Reyes

    7 måneder siden

    I love pho and spring rolls!!!!!

  96. THIEN LE


    7 måneder siden

    Vietnamese food !!!

  97. Zachary mg

    Zachary mg

    7 måneder siden

    The beginning to 0:38 I thought Matt wasn't goin to talk in the video

  98. Chaotic Grey

    Chaotic Grey

    7 måneder siden

    Well..guess I won't be watching a Mukbang.

  99. Hillary


    7 måneder siden

    0:42 aw, he has heterochromia :). that's so cool!

  100. Dinesh Dennis

    Dinesh Dennis

    7 måneder siden

    Bro eat Indian food idly.. without adding curry to it... Minimum 50 pieces you will not