Giant Sour Patch Kids Challenge x 2 (EXTREMELY SOUR)

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The Family-Size Sour Patch Kids Challenge... x2!!!
3.8lbs & 6,300 Calories of Sour Gummy Candy!
When I did this challenge back in 2018 it was very painful... so why not double it..
What a ba.. I mean good idea!
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie

    År siden

    _The battle was long_ _The Candy was strong_ _Wounds deep_ _But alive and well I am, another day I will eat_ - Matt's Tongue

    • AnimalGamerYT


      11 dager siden

      lol ur funny dude

    • Perla Gaming

      Perla Gaming

      2 måneder siden


    • Rameen Khalid

      Rameen Khalid

      3 måneder siden

      rip ur tongue

    • David Serrano

      David Serrano

      4 måneder siden


    • The Chosen One

      The Chosen One

      4 måneder siden

      Good job

  2. Tanya Claire

    Tanya Claire

    Time siden

    my mouth while watching this: 🌊🌊🌊🤤🤤

  3. Celina Schubert

    Celina Schubert

    9 timer siden

    is his tongue bleeding?

  4. the running man

    the running man

    9 timer siden

    that’s a lot of sourness he consumed

  5. SIN


    16 timer siden

    I can taste the sour in heree

  6. Elsadiq Abdelrahim

    Elsadiq Abdelrahim

    Dag siden

    Eat Sour Patch Kids Failure Mouth Blood 7:50

  7. Isreal Badriko

    Isreal Badriko

    Dag siden

    why do you do this to yourself

    • Mr Pepe

      Mr Pepe

      Dag siden

      Israel doesnt exist and it never will be 🖕

  8. Z4ch1700 -

    Z4ch1700 -

    Dag siden

    Baby little Matt only eating one FAMILY PACK

  9. Z4ch1700 -

    Z4ch1700 -

    Dag siden

    Pouring 2 family size bags of sour patch candies. Matt: This isn’t the biggest challenge.

  10. LT1(15) Muhammad Adnan

    LT1(15) Muhammad Adnan

    Dag siden


  11. LT1(15) Muhammad Adnan

    LT1(15) Muhammad Adnan

    Dag siden


  12. Bejan Bharucha

    Bejan Bharucha

    2 dager siden

    The average human being only eats 4lbs in an entire day. But Matt is no ordinary human

  13. Mishyy


    2 dager siden

    Wait have you done skittles? I would loveee thattt



    3 dager siden


  15. Anime lovers Hello

    Anime lovers Hello

    3 dager siden

    Are you ok 😅😅



    4 dager siden

    See allways in the baby it the sour patch kids

  17. [ chocøbiscuit ]

    [ chocøbiscuit ]

    4 dager siden

    Imagine how water would come so sweet after eating them

  18. Penxil Fever

    Penxil Fever

    4 dager siden

    Do Malic acid

  19. Brotastic Comedy#2

    Brotastic Comedy#2

    4 dager siden

    2:46 ears in the background me: ummmmmmmmmm

  20. ThrashMetalKid 666

    ThrashMetalKid 666

    4 dager siden

    Sour patch kids is my favorite candy. I havent found a store in over a year that sells them anymore. I'm heartbroken.

  21. haisam gebeil

    haisam gebeil

    5 dager siden

    Him:naaa not too sour him after eating 100 candy change my mind

  22. haisam gebeil

    haisam gebeil

    5 dager siden

    I love sour food but if I eat this I will be in so much pain lol

  23. Unique Torres

    Unique Torres

    5 dager siden

    If that was me that whole bowl would be empty in less then 5 minutes

  24. Diora Gomez

    Diora Gomez

    5 dager siden

    I bet i could eat thet

  25. Daniel Kelly

    Daniel Kelly

    5 dager siden


  26. Jose Hidrogo

    Jose Hidrogo

    5 dager siden

    My sister loves sour patch kids it's her favorite candy she likes to eat

  27. EskayHD


    5 dager siden


  28. Cr4zy4L


    6 dager siden

    Thanks for the 15% off at RAYCON buddy!!!

  29. Hamster Life0302

    Hamster Life0302

    6 dager siden


  30. Its Kyrillos NL

    Its Kyrillos NL

    6 dager siden

    Did anyone elses teeth hurt watching

  31. Z’s_ Content

    Z’s_ Content

    7 dager siden


  32. SilentHinder Rain

    SilentHinder Rain

    7 dager siden

    I’ve ate one those entire bags by myself before. Didn’t know it was supposed to make your tongue bleed if you ate it all at once, my tongue never bleed. But then again. I have really bad stomach acid to the point it burns through my stomach lining and never had an issue when I throw up straight acid so I think my tongue just got used to acid or something.

    • Teenagedirt Bag

      Teenagedirt Bag

      5 dager siden

      It’s more of the just shoving it in your mouth that’ll do that.

  33. Jake Cortesi

    Jake Cortesi

    7 dager siden

    try warheads mate

  34. Channy D

    Channy D

    7 dager siden

    Sour patch aren’t that sour

  35. Diya Vivek

    Diya Vivek

    8 dager siden

    *health left the chat*

  36. Ñaña :p

    Ñaña :p

    8 dager siden

    Only eat 1 box of sour patch kids 😵

  37. Wednesday Equestrian

    Wednesday Equestrian

    8 dager siden

    His shoulders be going like ⬆️⬇️↗️↔️↕️⬅️➡️↙️↘️🔽🔼

  38. Jay's Channel

    Jay's Channel

    8 dager siden

    Had anyone noticed the puppy

  39. יקיר עמר

    יקיר עמר

    8 dager siden

    8:02 Nice shot

  40. Andrey Chaychenko

    Andrey Chaychenko

    8 dager siden

    I like how this dude can eat 15 packs of Korean fire noodles but can’t eat two packs of Sour patch kids

  41. HarryPotterfan930


    9 dager siden

    *All the acid and blood from his tongue getting to his stomach* HCl: “hold my lemon slices” Esophagus walls: “are we a joke to you?”

  42. IamXanthia


    9 dager siden

    🥴🥴🥴🥴: sour? Nah not really. Me: Man your face says otherwise 😂

  43. Roblox [A_S_M_R]

    Roblox [A_S_M_R]

    9 dager siden

    İsal olcak

  44. Conor Fully loaded

    Conor Fully loaded

    9 dager siden

    Low key sour patch kids when you eat a ton hurt your young so bad.

  45. Vu Hoang

    Vu Hoang

    10 dager siden

    Funny how he still is being a baby

  46. Shontayne Daly

    Shontayne Daly

    10 dager siden

    7:56 the face and sound made me die

  47. Johnwilliam Bulluck

    Johnwilliam Bulluck

    10 dager siden

    Why are they packaged in a box? Thought it was the cereal sour patch kids for a minute🥴

  48. TheyCallMeTesla


    10 dager siden


  49. Xander 4469

    Xander 4469

    10 dager siden

    Do warheads lol

  50. Martins Garais

    Martins Garais

    10 dager siden

    Zaja bal

  51. Martins Garais

    Martins Garais

    10 dager siden


  52. Martins Garais

    Martins Garais

    10 dager siden


  53. Helen Roake

    Helen Roake

    11 dager siden

    It must’ve felt like he was sandpapering his 👅 tongue

  54. Ching Chong Man

    Ching Chong Man

    11 dager siden

    Can I help I love sour patch kids

  55. Cntrrl


    11 dager siden

    3:13 please don’t say the Lord’s name in vain

  56. Breia Smith

    Breia Smith

    12 dager siden

    Imagine if he bit his tongue..Jesus..💀

  57. Joe29 whelan

    Joe29 whelan

    12 dager siden

    Am I the only one that be dying of laughter when some of the challenges he does be kinda tuff 😂

  58. Isaac


    12 dager siden

    Bet you can’t get these emojis

  59. Jackie Nope

    Jackie Nope

    12 dager siden

    “ a little less than a quarter” “28% left”

  60. Job Augustyns

    Job Augustyns

    12 dager siden

    You should put the food on a scale so you can follow where your at

  61. Shawn EN

    Shawn EN

    12 dager siden

    6:05 6:25

  62. hi guys it's Myah

    hi guys it's Myah

    13 dager siden


  63. Rama


    13 dager siden

    I ate a sour patch kids and it made my tongue tingle

  64. Mr.PorkXchop 101

    Mr.PorkXchop 101

    13 dager siden


  65. Fawful The God

    Fawful The God

    13 dager siden

    I Ate a bag of sour patch while watching this lol.

  66. Jaxsen Bardell

    Jaxsen Bardell

    13 dager siden

    matt you should do a sour patch watermelon challenge

  67. Jaxsen Bardell

    Jaxsen Bardell

    13 dager siden

    he makes it look easy lol

  68. Fat Boy fred

    Fat Boy fred

    14 dager siden

    Not trynna be mean but those aren’t even sour tbh and also you did Korean noodles like a beast

  69. BESTYOfficial


    14 dager siden

    i wanted to see it!!

  70. Samuel Dundu

    Samuel Dundu

    14 dager siden

    Your teeth could be broken right now

  71. Harley Heyne

    Harley Heyne

    14 dager siden

    It would have been cooler of it was all one bear

  72. Fahda 11

    Fahda 11

    14 dager siden


  73. HiFieLie


    14 dager siden

    Me and my brothers got really sick after eating only a small packet.

  74. Amy Cannon

    Amy Cannon

    14 dager siden

    Matt’s teeth are going to be brown after this

  75. nickrufo1979


    14 dager siden

    Sour doesn't really faze me unless its a huge spoonful of pure citrus

  76. Ioon


    14 dager siden


  77. Salah on top

    Salah on top

    14 dager siden

    Now, what about a sour skittle challenge?🥵😈

  78. TxC_R3PLAYS


    15 dager siden

    this is pure diabeties

  79. Ethan Schofield

    Ethan Schofield

    15 dager siden

    That mite be sour

  80. Replays


    15 dager siden


  81. Amar Farook

    Amar Farook

    15 dager siden

    U should of shredded it and drank it

  82. Makjingjing0708 Makjingjing0708

    Makjingjing0708 Makjingjing0708

    15 dager siden

    It you

  83. wonderland edits

    wonderland edits

    15 dager siden

    Im eating sour patch kids while watching this: My tongue: Ahhhhhhhh its SOURR

  84. RedBladeKnight


    16 dager siden

    He was bleeding 🩸!!!

  85. Ablirios


    16 dager siden

    i can feel the pain..

  86. MalphillindoXDGroup


    16 dager siden

    Hey can u put 10x sour patch kids im watching in 2021 so pls0

  87. A-Emil


    16 dager siden


  88. Abdullah Qureshi

    Abdullah Qureshi

    16 dager siden

    Even that much of candies are not being done in 20 minutes... Candies are not a time challenge thing They are strong.

    • Abdullah Qureshi

      Abdullah Qureshi

      16 dager siden

      No one should try they are not for fast eating Challenges

  89. DSZC reallonelyxd

    DSZC reallonelyxd

    17 dager siden

    soo... Did you go to the ER? This challange will burn your taste buds due to the citric acid. If you havent, please go get it checked out RN!

  90. Nazeem Akhtar

    Nazeem Akhtar

    17 dager siden

    Dhar mann × matt stonie collab maybe

  91. Neriah Williams

    Neriah Williams

    17 dager siden

    Sour patch kids aren't sour their sweet to me

  92. Fast Furious

    Fast Furious

    17 dager siden


  93. Daniel Turchan

    Daniel Turchan

    17 dager siden

    So I don’t know if anyone ever had the candy, I think it was a sweet tarts brand, or a wonka brand, they were called “shockers” they were sooooo good back in like 2007, half a bag would make my tongue bleed and I would keep eating them, I don’t know why but I liked the immense pain from the sour....... I had a bag around 2 years ago, ate the whole thing , wasn’t even sour.... disappointed

  94. Yellow Crab Gaming

    Yellow Crab Gaming

    17 dager siden

    I wAnNa Be A sOuR pAtCh KiD

  95. JDAWG845


    17 dager siden

    This video reminds me of Furious Pete’s video of completing the Warhead challenge 😬 this is tough to watch lol. Glad you made it out alive Matt!

  96. narjes salarvand

    narjes salarvand

    17 dager siden

    Is your teeth good?

  97. Heli


    18 dager siden

    It’s my favorite Candy...I would be in heaven!!😍🥺❤️

  98. Nolan Jones

    Nolan Jones

    18 dager siden

    Matt’s tongue: Aight imma head out

  99. Joy Unzueta

    Joy Unzueta

    18 dager siden

    I thought they were sour patch cereal but its candy😂😳

  100. Nolan Jones

    Nolan Jones

    18 dager siden

    This hurt watching