Could you Eat this in 90mins for $3,500? (Challenge DESTROYED)

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Last week a tweet blew up that involved alot of McDonalds food.. I was reminded so much of it I decided it'd be good to settle it once and for all..
Tweet this challenge is based off of.
Pat McAfee's attempt at this challenge
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  1. ChucklesMcChuckleson


    36 minutter siden

    I could knock this out in 45 min. Soda and fries (and then maintaining an A1C reading below 5.6) would be the hardest part for me

  2. Andrija Jukic

    Andrija Jukic

    38 minutter siden

    i bumped into this video and all im thinking is you need to do somt useful with youre life



    58 minutter siden

    The challenge is nine but tittle ninety I was surprised by the tittle I can eat that in half an hour 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Brick City

    Brick City

    Time siden

    How is this dude not fat if he does this every week or so?

  5. _Ba.xkr_


    3 timer siden

    how tf can he do this????

  6. Edwin George Plalickal CUTZ & EDITZ

    Edwin George Plalickal CUTZ & EDITZ

    3 timer siden

    I always watch Matt Stonie when I am hungry

  7. KoNu Kue ツ

    KoNu Kue ツ

    4 timer siden

    Im here cuz ramazan😇

  8. khris Ernest Salvador

    khris Ernest Salvador

    4 timer siden


  9. lil KING & 81 Savage

    lil KING & 81 Savage

    5 timer siden

    For that burger i would have 30 min tu finisch that he just finisches in 30 sec wtf

  10. Zquizyツ


    5 timer siden

    Pov: du schaust dir es an während du grad am fasten bist

  11. Fiberzzh


    6 timer siden

    Yeah, I could just let me find a Troydan video to watch.

  12. dixie normis

    dixie normis

    6 timer siden

    guys close ur eyes while he eats lmao

  13. Louis V.

    Louis V.

    8 timer siden

    What about 90 seconds?

  14. FakePillow


    8 timer siden

    That wasn’t a fail that was a win you guys just didnt pause it

  15. Tyrokashi


    9 timer siden

    Me being that one kid that has 2 triple cheeseburgers:Meet me at 10

  16. Texhnical


    11 timer siden


  17. 100P Flxcks

    100P Flxcks

    12 timer siden

    Me sat here feeling bad for African kids

  18. Ishant kharia

    Ishant kharia

    15 timer siden

    Eat indian maggie

  19. 1000th Boy

    1000th Boy

    20 timer siden

    4:21 The nugget: and me tooo!!

  20. Yamsue Felicie Robles

    Yamsue Felicie Robles

    21 time siden

    Just that? I could do it in 30

  21. tom Roberts

    tom Roberts

    22 timer siden

    We're is this challenge I do it for 3500 easy



    23 timer siden

    :morgan So matt did this challenge very slow it was chameful it was mc quick me hahahah are u sure about tht

  23. karim


    Dag siden

    In 9 min

  24. Mark Blacoe

    Mark Blacoe

    Dag siden

    Only problem you missed a chip which is underneath the box

  25. Pham Andrew

    Pham Andrew

    Dag siden

    i could eat this cuh



    Dag siden

    He missed a fry between the middle and left box

  27. coWD 420

    coWD 420

    Dag siden

    How can you not believe in reincarnation when Tarrare is basically before your eyes.

  28. saoud amer

    saoud amer

    Dag siden

    يال هنطييييييييييييييييييييييييييي

  29. Ramsunahai venera

    Ramsunahai venera

    Dag siden

    I dont have friends 😣🥺😢

  30. Alex Ezz21

    Alex Ezz21

    Dag siden

    Random Guy: "Can you eat this in 9 minutes?" Me: Only need 5 (:

  31. Mathew S

    Mathew S

    Dag siden

    Use your hands to work with your friends

  32. Mathew S

    Mathew S

    Dag siden

    You can use the only one t u t

  33. Yadhu krishna

    Yadhu krishna

    Dag siden

    Food make happiness

  34. Sanketh Rb

    Sanketh Rb

    Dag siden

    By mistake he wrote 90mins....It should be 90seconds🤣

  35. Doet-


    Dag siden

    i would eat dis ffor free

  36. Syed M. Hassan

    Syed M. Hassan

    Dag siden

    One day his mouth will blow 🤣

  37. nachan kyle

    nachan kyle

    Dag siden

    You’re still missing two french fries

  38. Settz


    Dag siden

    Morgan seems like such a chill dude.

  39. Hunter Smith

    Hunter Smith

    Dag siden

    More like 9 min 😦

  40. edward sagapolutele

    edward sagapolutele

    Dag siden

    F_*# EASY

  41. ren sandy

    ren sandy

    Dag siden

    i could eat twice that amount in the same time limit cuz i already do that

  42. vyncynt cook

    vyncynt cook

    Dag siden

    "this is gonna be a mcquick challenge"

  43. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy Brown

    Dag siden

    all my 200 comments lura 1/50 1/10 lura

  44. BatSlayer2448


    Dag siden

    It seems like a lot of food, but in a hour and a half, I think I could

  45. gyro zeppeli

    gyro zeppeli

    Dag siden

    this man can eat the whole McDonald’s menu and still be skinnier than me

  46. Maximus2004 Rkwow

    Maximus2004 Rkwow

    Dag siden

    Me responding to thumbnail: I’d do it for free

  47. fuck Trump

    fuck Trump

    Dag siden

    I could eat it in ten.



    Dag siden

    i met to say mother luker

  49. [RAİNY]


    Dag siden


  50. Lpotts75


    Dag siden

    Wonder how long he's gonna be able to keep eating like that? I figured at some point a person would develop stomach issues. After doing it for so long.

  51. Irineu Junior

    Irineu Junior

    Dag siden


  52. kay-ash


    Dag siden

    does he digest this or throw it up?

  53. Adele Ettwein

    Adele Ettwein

    2 dager siden

    Where does he even store all that food ...id be full from just one box of nugets and medium coke....its just not posible...must be some kinda bluffing here...

  54. Lazyjulio20


    2 dager siden

    I thought Morgan would be able to finish it for sure at the end

  55. king cold

    king cold

    2 dager siden


  56. Nishant


    2 dager siden

    90? I'll do it in 9 hahaah God

  57. ARYN Op

    ARYN Op

    2 dager siden

    Trevor Denial after seeing this - Ok time to leave the earth🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Melissa Toledo

    Melissa Toledo

    2 dager siden


  59. Melissa Toledo

    Melissa Toledo

    2 dager siden


  60. Melissa Toledo

    Melissa Toledo

    2 dager siden

    The way he gave 😂

  61. 24ktoc


    2 dager siden

    His toilet is gonna go through some serious sufferings

  62. Tyler Osborn

    Tyler Osborn

    2 dager siden

    I think I just had a heart attack after Burger 3

  63. JNZJ Gaming

    JNZJ Gaming

    2 dager siden

    Can u eat all of this food in 90 minutes Matt: No give me a challenge and divide by 10

  64. Mate Ts

    Mate Ts

    2 dager siden


  65. Hamza Imran

    Hamza Imran

    2 dager siden

    bukkad kitna thusta hai

  66. Allen Black

    Allen Black

    2 dager siden

    the forty ninth supply!!! AK rep

  67. Barry Green

    Barry Green

    2 dager siden

    @mattstonie Plz can u do the one chip challenge

  68. Syeda Zareen

    Syeda Zareen

    2 dager siden

    Am I just fat or it would take me much less than 90 minutes to eat that? Thats my daily portion....

  69. Mishyy


    2 dager siden

    Oh yes, yes I would, even for 1k ❤️❤️

  70. Ryan Narayan

    Ryan Narayan

    2 dager siden

    “This is america” lol couldn’t be more accurate

  71. Isheet Chaudhari

    Isheet Chaudhari

    2 dager siden

    5 minutes after shooting **proceeds to vomit**

  72. Gurshaan Brar

    Gurshaan Brar

    2 dager siden

    Imagine Morgan And Matt as kids, idk if ur siblings do this but when my siblings don’t finish food they give it to me so if Morgan didn’t finish his food you can just imagine how many leftovers Morgan gave Matt

  73. Danny


    2 dager siden

    Well I can eat 2 burgers a large frie and 10 chicken nuggets in 15 minutes when I eat slow so I guess the challenge isn't that hard

  74. Mikayla Butler

    Mikayla Butler

    2 dager siden

    I wonder if you actually enjoy the food as you eat it????

  75. DragonNinjaYt


    2 dager siden

    Camera man said “he was too slow” When he took over 50 mins just to be full

    • Honda 7672

      Honda 7672

      2 dager siden

      Can i get 2 number nines a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip and a large soda

  76. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster

    2 dager siden

    Dude I think I would have $h!t my pants after a fifth of that, kudos to you sir.

  77. Galaxy Demon563

    Galaxy Demon563

    2 dager siden

    Matt stonnie should get his own fortnite skin

  78. zeckody


    2 dager siden

    He’s eating like his asian mom didn’t give him rice for 2 weeks

  79. Shubham Meena

    Shubham Meena

    3 dager siden

    He want to indian rajasthani food daal bhati

  80. jimmy donaldson

    jimmy donaldson

    3 dager siden

    I can also it in 90 minute's wtf 😯

  81. Abishek Kumar

    Abishek Kumar

    3 dager siden

    Me skip 10 seconds... There nothing on the plate!!

  82. Oliver El Alam

    Oliver El Alam

    3 dager siden

    I do it

    • Honda 7672

      Honda 7672

      2 dager siden

      Same i eat fast

  83. Vomer Conch

    Vomer Conch

    3 dager siden

    of course i would attempt it, i get a lot of food and $3500 or i just get a lot of food

  84. Atheos1337


    3 dager siden

    i could do that no problem, but the sodas would be a challange

  85. 9- TWIX

    9- TWIX

    3 dager siden

    In the first minute he’s already destroyed 2 burgers and I don’t think he realised that he has 90mins?

  86. Sarah Anderson

    Sarah Anderson

    3 dager siden

    He domolished all off that

  87. Sarah Anderson

    Sarah Anderson

    3 dager siden

    90 miunets is alot

  88. Barndog Schwartz

    Barndog Schwartz

    3 dager siden

    The mcstonie

  89. Maya_ikr


    3 dager siden

    “Could you eat this in 90 minutes?” *boy I could eat that in 30 minutes*

    • Brayden Blockus

      Brayden Blockus

      18 timer siden

      Nor do you need to starve

    • Brayden Blockus

      Brayden Blockus

      18 timer siden

      @Ryze Reverse factually incorrect you don’t need to be a professional eater to do that.

    • Ryze Reverse

      Ryze Reverse

      2 dager siden

      Cap it may look like it’s sorta easy but if ur not a pro eater then the only way would be to starve for a whole day and then attempt the challenge

  90. Sanzz Sanzz

    Sanzz Sanzz

    3 dager siden

    this video was made in the day of my birthday SO AWESOME

  91. Ethan Lysle

    Ethan Lysle

    3 dager siden

    Does this guy even enjoy eating?

  92. detective pikachu

    detective pikachu

    3 dager siden

    When the bus driver says no eating or drinking on the bus the kids on the bus

  93. King Wiskas/GrubiTV

    King Wiskas/GrubiTV

    3 dager siden

    90min 3500$? Man I don't care if I almost die by it I would do it or I would die either way it's a win

  94. The swimmer

    The swimmer

    3 dager siden

    Alternate Title: How to get diabetes and a heart attack in 9 minutes.

    • Andy Campos

      Andy Campos

      3 dager siden

      *9 minutes lol

  95. Jason Gurung

    Jason Gurung

    3 dager siden

    If you make it in 90 minutes to eat maybe you will get 35,000 dollar

  96. Hughie Brophy

    Hughie Brophy

    3 dager siden

    Like that's

  97. gamer boy23

    gamer boy23

    4 dager siden

    hes gonna hafta peefor the rest of his life after drinkin those

  98. Karl Laoun

    Karl Laoun

    4 dager siden

    3:00 this is america 😂

  99. Evpiuuz


    4 dager siden

    90 mins? More like 9 mins.

  100. Purple_pez


    4 dager siden

    When ur mom tells u to slow down but u feel like u forgot to pause minecraft so u think u will get killed by a mob