4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)

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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - nonet.info/glo/video/bpujpYydqqWTy6U


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  1. CheeseboiCODM


    25 minutter siden

    Pro tip because this is made in a factory every piece is about the same weight so u could have just weighed one and then weighed the full amount and then devide

  2. Dibakor Boruah

    Dibakor Boruah

    Time siden

    Diabetes hobo tur!

  3. Ануш Сагателян

    Ануш Сагателян

    2 timer siden

    Жопа не слипнется

  4. Halima. Muhamud

    Halima. Muhamud

    4 timer siden

    I don't understand how he just so fit,even though he eats sooo much,it's actually impressive



    5 timer siden

    Doctor prescribes medicine to Matt Matt finishes it in one day

  6. Rafia Shah

    Rafia Shah

    16 timer siden

    Him not chewing the m&ms it's irritating me 😫

  7. Charles Bear

    Charles Bear

    16 timer siden

    Bet he got the toothbrush from the same place quomo got his q-tip

  8. MsNokomys


    16 timer siden

    Kevin Malone says Nice. 👍

  9. Karls Life

    Karls Life

    17 timer siden

    You are now slim shady

  10. DonnerK


    20 timer siden

    he didnt even bite majority of them.. he finna poo out pure mnm

  11. A K

    A K

    21 time siden

    He could have figured out how much one hundred of them weigh and then weighed the whole batch. Each MM is going to weigh pretty much the same.

  12. Doomguy


    Dag siden

    He is the guy we read in matchs problems🤣😶

  13. The gentlemen And mr cheese

    The gentlemen And mr cheese

    Dag siden

    This was very painful for me to watch

  14. Anonymous


    Dag siden

    surely he has diabetes😂

  15. Khansequence


    Dag siden

    Let's have a moment of silence for all those poor M&M souls who were lost today

  16. Slick Bardock

    Slick Bardock

    Dag siden

    "This is where Jonny's diabetes all started!"

  17. HighChewy


    Dag siden

    I bet he had a 🌈💩 after doing this challenge..I’m sorry 😭

  18. Fatemeh Rahdar

    Fatemeh Rahdar

    Dag siden

    قورت میده نمیجوهه فایده نداره

  19. Nanda


    Dag siden

    saiu inteiro no cocô certeza

  20. Super potato

    Super potato

    Dag siden

    Is no one gonna talk about how he counted every single m&m

  21. NPDrums


    2 dager siden

    Man you don't even chew wtf you're a goose

    • HighChewy


      Dag siden

      Who has time to chew when you’re doing a contest who finishes eating 4000+ m&m’s the quickest? 😂

  22. Shafin Play's Channel

    Shafin Play's Channel

    2 dager siden

    bro i saw all of ur video's but these really made me disgusting the m&m should be chewed not swallow

    • HighChewy


      Dag siden

      He’s trying to finish 4000+ m&m’s as fast as he could, this isn’t a take your time and chew challenge tho plus he’s a competitive eater

  23. Scarlett Fford

    Scarlett Fford

    2 dager siden

    Ok hear me out but like how does this man stay skinny after eating these things!? Sorry if this offends anyone in any way

    • HighChewy


      Dag siden

      I think because he exercises a lot

  24. cobraedits


    2 dager siden

    Did he even chew?😳

  25. Erik Aldecoa

    Erik Aldecoa

    2 dager siden

    The shiny click bodily joke because cocktail longitudinally peep notwithstanding a wide-eyed basement. easy, cultured love

    • Jack Wilson

      Jack Wilson

      Dag siden

      Bro you’re so funny😐

  26. Disc Golf Digest

    Disc Golf Digest

    2 dager siden

    Epic fail!

  27. Elif Onay

    Elif Onay

    2 dager siden

    5:41 A monster came out of the man 😂😂💜

  28. [ chocøbiscuit ]

    [ chocøbiscuit ]

    3 dager siden

    Imagine how his hand is got colored because of hand heat.

  29. Akhil Sure

    Akhil Sure

    3 dager siden

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how he counted 4044 mnms just for us to watch his content

  30. xSuperfqn


    3 dager siden

    Who else liked the burping montage? 5:40

  31. Sabastian Lane

    Sabastian Lane

    3 dager siden

    How does this guy not have diabetes yet (Or he already does)

    • HighChewy


      Dag siden

      He probably eats healthy and doing tons of exercise when he’s not doing any challenges

  32. Blue Banana

    Blue Banana

    4 dager siden

    How can you be so slim after eating all these!!? 🙂

  33. e h?

    e h?

    4 dager siden

    He's not even chewing the m&m at the start thats hard....

  34. Rise iOS

    Rise iOS

    4 dager siden

    Bro did u even chew or did u just swallow it.

  35. BARBIE


    4 dager siden

    Wtf he is swallowing them not chowing I think it's bad 😕 for the stomach

  36. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe

    4 dager siden

    Who else is watching this while eating M&Ms 🙂

  37. George Best

    George Best

    5 dager siden

    Its the happiness of the dentist!



    5 dager siden

    il avale sans mâcher ... pour mieux vomir après ...?

  39. B Dlamini

    B Dlamini

    5 dager siden

    With the calories he ate in 10 minutes, a fully grown man could survive for about 8 days.

  40. Heroes Generals

    Heroes Generals

    5 dager siden

    5:36 Bon appetit

  41. Dhanesh Vinodkumar

    Dhanesh Vinodkumar

    5 dager siden

    Good luck with your diabetes

  42. Grill Murphy

    Grill Murphy

    6 dager siden

    Maths in the trash😎 Let's count them again.1 by 1😎

  43. Steff Jan

    Steff Jan

    6 dager siden

    He swallows the m&m’s like pills 💊

  44. Merybastet Usermaatre

    Merybastet Usermaatre

    6 dager siden

    0:12 Ottoman number of luck

  45. Gacha psycho

    Gacha psycho

    6 dager siden

    He gags when he has to much food in his mouth I gaged today case there was cake on my shoe

  46. Gacha psycho

    Gacha psycho

    6 dager siden

    I'm m sorry is that a purple m&m

  47. DuckloMrMan


    7 dager siden


  48. Azriel Azzampasya

    Azriel Azzampasya

    7 dager siden

    The most sad thing is that he have to count all of those candy



    7 dager siden

    *take your vitamins!* *take 4000 pills!!!!* 😂😂😂

  50. GECE BS


    8 dager siden

    Ses yok sen hastasın

  51. penne literally doesn’t exist

    penne literally doesn’t exist

    8 dager siden

    the way there’s just 4 pounds of whole m&ms sitting in his stomach at the end of this. that’s wild 😭

  52. xİdto


    8 dager siden

    Vat 😮😮😮

  53. 4dr14n4l1l1


    8 dager siden

    eminems or m&ms

  54. Kirk Jones

    Kirk Jones

    8 dager siden

    When I was a fat little kid. I got caught eating candy. My dad made me eat 1full bag of candy. Eat throw up eat throw up. And when I was not fast enough get the belt. 45 years later I still dislike Carmel.

  55. Aaron Osera

    Aaron Osera

    8 dager siden


  56. Aaron Osera

    Aaron Osera

    8 dager siden

    They disliked your video, but i still liked your video.

  57. Hikmet Cakici

    Hikmet Cakici

    9 dager siden

    oh man

  58. Mai Le

    Mai Le

    9 dager siden

    Why are you drinking it like pills

  59. Cubeygames


    9 dager siden

    Matt: finishes the challenge Morgan 5 mins later: do I hear an smg



    9 dager siden

    How can you swallow

  61. Petraz


    9 dager siden

    Nossa mano, eu tô azul de tanto açúcar kkkkk, não aguentei só de assistir

  62. V


    9 dager siden


  63. Diamond Wewee

    Diamond Wewee

    10 dager siden

    Hes taking them like pills🤢🤦🏽‍♀️



    10 dager siden

    no one : Noo onne : 🤡heelo ets 100900010000🍭!!

  65. 8 - A3 Srikar Dasari

    8 - A3 Srikar Dasari

    10 dager siden

    did he even chew them or is it just my imagination

  66. Faber bob

    Faber bob

    10 dager siden

    I would of demolished this challenge... Maybe ion know i just have a problem

  67. XxBrvken_DrxeamxX


    10 dager siden

    Does anyone just type up eating like a million of something like chocolate that you’ve just ate to make you not feel guilty xD.

  68. Skort oko

    Skort oko

    10 dager siden

    Masło orzechowe

  69. Jhinx Gatbonton

    Jhinx Gatbonton

    11 dager siden

    Wow so many that's my favorite chocolate

  70. Shed NinJa

    Shed NinJa

    11 dager siden

    He's literally eating m&m like medicine.😂😂😂😂

  71. Nicholai Garcia

    Nicholai Garcia

    11 dager siden

    Imagine he poops 💩💩🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪 color poop

  72. Sam Whitlow

    Sam Whitlow

    11 dager siden

    Next challenge do jelly beans

  73. Kamran Waheed

    Kamran Waheed

    12 dager siden

    He is not even eating it .......

  74. Karashote


    12 dager siden


  75. Basia Marrufo

    Basia Marrufo

    12 dager siden

    Him: swallows them like pills Me: bruh 🤨🧐😱

  76. 1rytan1


    13 dager siden

    swallowing colored pills challenge

  77. PurpleA55A551N Productions

    PurpleA55A551N Productions

    13 dager siden

    Why is there purple ones

  78. Ashlee Leigh

    Ashlee Leigh

    13 dager siden

    it's like taking his medicine

  79. Alex Burton

    Alex Burton

    13 dager siden

    And my mum calls me greddy for eating the full packet 😭😭

  80. alaa' aliah md zainudin

    alaa' aliah md zainudin

    13 dager siden

    Swallowing the medicines 😂😂

  81. Miriam Eclipse

    Miriam Eclipse

    13 dager siden

    I wonder if somebody on my 600 pound life could do this

  82. jimmy mcdonagh

    jimmy mcdonagh

    13 dager siden

    You could do this alot easier if you were young

  83. Hegemony Goat

    Hegemony Goat

    14 dager siden

    How’s your kidney

  84. sangeetha a. s

    sangeetha a. s

    14 dager siden

    You couldn't finish 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭



    14 dager siden

    That gag reflex is the funniest thing on this earth

  86. Scorpion Jimmy

    Scorpion Jimmy

    15 dager siden

    This is not a challenge for big eater at all It’s just how fast you’ll have diabetes

  87. Star Fann

    Star Fann

    15 dager siden

    0:19 300k lol

  88. Alexander


    15 dager siden

    That sugar rush would be like taking drugs

  89. Armin


    15 dager siden

    Why dont you weigh 1 m&m and then fill it and weigh again

  90. Ahmed Hushaan

    Ahmed Hushaan

    15 dager siden

    It pains both my heart and throat to see him swallow the M&Ms like that

  91. Oo oo

    Oo oo

    16 dager siden

    to much water

  92. Jeeu


    16 dager siden

    o cara nao mastiga kkkkkkkkkkk

  93. William Landgren

    William Landgren

    16 dager siden

    Or you could have weighed one mm and just pour em all in and do some quick maths

  94. Tom C-D

    Tom C-D

    16 dager siden

    "We" didn't eat anything. You did.

  95. Manisha Singh

    Manisha Singh

    16 dager siden

    Damn it!

  96. second account kier and kate channel

    second account kier and kate channel

    16 dager siden

    Can we appreciate that he count that many for this videos he must be so tired

  97. Mystique's Aura

    Mystique's Aura

    16 dager siden

    Last time I ate a whole bag of peanut m&ms I was sick as fuck!!!!

  98. Sophia Ferkler

    Sophia Ferkler

    16 dager siden

    Nobody: Matt: *inhales m&ms*

  99. Maxim Tsaturyan

    Maxim Tsaturyan

    16 dager siden

    Matt looking for a house Salesman: what type of house would you like to buy? Matt: the one with the biggest toilet

  100. Namdom


    17 dager siden

    How he digest it