$1000 spent at my Favorite Steakhouse (108oz Wagyu + King Crab + more!!)

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My Most EXPENSIVE CHALLENGE to date!!! $1000 of food from my favorite Steakhouse in the Bay, Alexander's Steakhouse. Really gonna miss having special dinners here... the food is so amazing...
Food List
$700 - 54oz Wagyu F1 Tomahawk Steaks (x2)
$186 - Onigara King Crab Legs (x3)
$48 - Hamachi Shots (x8)
$36 - Macarons (x12)
$16 - Truffled French Fries
$14 - Blistered Shishito Peppers
$10 - Fancy Fizzy Water
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie

    20 dager siden

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    • Marie-Grâce Uwase

      Marie-Grâce Uwase

      20 timer siden

      @nachan kyle fgood

    • nachan kyle

      nachan kyle

      Dag siden

      What is your secret of your diet

    • Hamox


      Dag siden


    • Max Lee

      Max Lee

      Dag siden

      Spoilt little Brat!😂

    • Anthony Tejada

      Anthony Tejada

      Dag siden

      @Kaden Bomboz

  2. Xoco Nero

    Xoco Nero

    6 minutter siden

    Broh on my words..Pls dont waste the food

  3. Bucci Chola

    Bucci Chola

    34 minutter siden

    meanwhile people are out there scraping together $5 for a meal...

  4. BT-7274


    47 minutter siden

    Anyonewatching this in Ramadan

    • Arsal Jafri

      Arsal Jafri

      10 minutter siden

      Glad im not the only one lol



    49 minutter siden

    Imagine eating it slowly alone or with someone while watching your favorite movie. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  6. Ali Ahmed

    Ali Ahmed

    Time siden

    Who's here in Ramadan?

  7. Rodo García

    Rodo García

    Time siden

    If I was a fan, I'm became even more fan when he decided to stop recording to eat the meat and sides properly.

  8. Ayran storm ツ

    Ayran storm ツ

    Time siden

    Im watching this on ramazan

  9. Kaan


    Time siden

    Use me as a “I’m fasting but watching food vids bc hungry” button

  10. Addy Saganty

    Addy Saganty

    Time siden

    It hurts to think about how cold this steak must be and what a waste that is...

  11. Mohammed Ollie

    Mohammed Ollie

    Time siden

    Who is watching during Ramadan?

  12. Big_stackzz480


    Time siden

    POV:it's Ramadan 2021

  13. david gish jeezz

    david gish jeezz

    Time siden

    He must shit alot

  14. Fahmidul Haque

    Fahmidul Haque

    2 timer siden


  15. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    2 timer siden

    At this point I feel like when this man orders normal meals he ain’t even getting full no more haha

  16. thegoldenstatue stephano

    thegoldenstatue stephano

    2 timer siden

    F1 being the worst wagyu grade tho

  17. Ayze A

    Ayze A

    2 timer siden

    Whos here while fasting?

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo

      2 timer siden

      Wer schaut das auch wegen Ramadan

  18. Mistuh Cluck

    Mistuh Cluck

    2 timer siden

    6:55 "That bone is duuumb"

  19. beetlejuice JR

    beetlejuice JR

    2 timer siden

    Ramadan gang cmon

  20. Yassine Ouchene

    Yassine Ouchene

    2 timer siden

    anyone else watching on ramadan

  21. Frank Stein

    Frank Stein

    2 timer siden

    When I bought several Cardi B CDs for more than 180$: 3:16

  22. Frank Stein

    Frank Stein

    2 timer siden

    Ich, wenn ich früher auf RapUpdate vorbeigeschaut habe: 0:33

  23. Ultr4


    3 timer siden

    Who else is watching him eat on Ramadan

    • spansh_ Loon

      spansh_ Loon

      2 timer siden

      @Heg where are you from?

    • Heg


      2 timer siden


    • spansh_ Loon

      spansh_ Loon

      2 timer siden

      Me 👁️👄👁️ I'm so hungry man

  24. Before Sleep

    Before Sleep

    3 timer siden

    watching this while fasting

  25. glen judge

    glen judge

    3 timer siden

    the manager says by far matt is my favorite customer



    3 timer siden

    Oruçken izleyenlere selam

    • darkSweX-Pubg Mobile

      darkSweX-Pubg Mobile

      3 timer siden


  27. Nasheeds


    3 timer siden

    Watching this during ramadan

    • spansh_ Loon

      spansh_ Loon

      Time siden

      @Nasheeds why.? What did you do.??

    • Nasheeds


      Time siden

      @spansh_ Loon ngl my fast is probably broken in some other way ( not from eating / drinking / smoking)

    • spansh_ Loon

      spansh_ Loon

      3 timer siden

      Yeah bro I don't even know why am I watching this I'm starving

  28. bidhan rai

    bidhan rai

    3 timer siden

    That camara man was just looking and he was eating with out giving her😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Sier Afshar

    Sier Afshar

    3 timer siden

    POV: ur watching during Ramadan

  30. Habibe Şevval Kılıç

    Habibe Şevval Kılıç

    3 timer siden

    We both say we are starving except the fact that I don't have food that looks this much delicious

  31. Homeless Exile

    Homeless Exile

    3 timer siden

    you could have bought the whole cow for that much money.

  32. Butterbrot TV

    Butterbrot TV

    3 timer siden

    Wer schaut das auch wegen Ramadan

  33. Mahi Cool

    Mahi Cool

    3 timer siden

    Who is here for ramadan and u are fasting

  34. Shriram sharma

    Shriram sharma

    3 timer siden

    I like that he respects all the food and doesn,t shove it out

  35. Rebekah Pineda

    Rebekah Pineda

    3 timer siden

    Is matt mukbanging?

  36. Joice Joshy

    Joice Joshy

    4 timer siden

    Anyone else notice elion musk somewhere around

  37. Tomas Roggero

    Tomas Roggero

    4 timer siden

    Wagyu... F1??? that shouldn't be called Wagyu. They literally took the scraps from SousVideEverything and mixed with ground beef and sold it as Wagyu?

  38. Gaffar Neziri

    Gaffar Neziri

    4 timer siden

    Whos watching this on ramadann ???

  39. Hustler


    4 timer siden

    Watching this in Ramadan So hungry 🤤

  40. lindaa


    4 timer siden

    4:33 start eating

    • Butterbrot TV

      Butterbrot TV

      3 timer siden


  41. Yumeko Chan

    Yumeko Chan

    4 timer siden

    ramadan karim :")

  42. Nicat Museybli

    Nicat Museybli

    4 timer siden


  43. LIAM Nollnoll

    LIAM Nollnoll

    4 timer siden

    Eat it all or nothing

  44. Uygar Emirdir

    Uygar Emirdir

    5 timer siden

    Ulan oruçlu oruçlu izliyoruz

  45. Zaid Ali

    Zaid Ali

    5 timer siden

    :stonie we gotta no meat go to wheats



    5 timer siden

    You are making me feel hungry 😹🤤

  47. NİGII


    5 timer siden

    Ramazan geldiğine göre izleyebilriiz😂😂

  48. Hafizur Rahman

    Hafizur Rahman

    5 timer siden

    That looks go-oo-d i love UwU

  49. Blacc


    5 timer siden

    Who is here during Ramadan?

    • I Alper

      I Alper

      4 timer siden


    • Mohammed Boufasou

      Mohammed Boufasou

      5 timer siden

      me hahahah

  50. Hafizur Rahman

    Hafizur Rahman

    5 timer siden

    My eyes are Big so i can see all the food UwU

  51. Void Fxdeツ

    Void Fxdeツ

    5 timer siden

    I want to see him eat the stake In 58 seconds

  52. AdamSunguyYT


    5 timer siden

    I’m watching this while fasting....

  53. wardi officiall

    wardi officiall

    5 timer siden

    Me watching during ramadan 💀😭🤣🤣

  54. Apo63


    6 timer siden

    Why am i watching this at ramazan?

  55. Mohammad shaheer Faisal

    Mohammad shaheer Faisal

    6 timer siden

    who else is watching matt in ramadan ?

  56. Luvuyo Solomon

    Luvuyo Solomon

    6 timer siden

    i don't know why he eats more then i have ever eaten in my life but when i just eat a small portion of food i look like a whale

  57. gülüm s

    gülüm s

    6 timer siden

    oruçda bunu izleyen +1 lesin

  58. Ippo Makounichi

    Ippo Makounichi

    6 timer siden

    Perfekt für ramadan anzuschauen während man am fasten ist

  59. s u d e

    s u d e

    7 timer siden

    Oruç oruç izleyenler

  60. Ragnar 05

    Ragnar 05

    7 timer siden

    Even matt is leaving commiefornia 😂😂😂😂

  61. sana shy shy shy

    sana shy shy shy

    7 timer siden

    Who’s here for ramadan?

    • Śømēøñē


      6 timer siden


    • FadyCreates


      6 timer siden


  62. Abdul _65er

    Abdul _65er

    7 timer siden

    Wer guckt auch an Ramadan dann likt 😁

  63. Hallo


    7 timer siden

    The new pac man

  64. Kağan kurt

    Kağan kurt

    7 timer siden

    Ramazanda izleyen kaç kisiyiz

  65. xvhv 1

    xvhv 1

    8 timer siden

    الصايمين اثبتو وجودكم

  66. XMAS aspect

    XMAS aspect

    8 timer siden

    Who’s watching this while fasting?

  67. Abdullaziz Aldosari

    Abdullaziz Aldosari

    8 timer siden

    me watching it durning ramadan 🤤

  68. Muhammed Hasan

    Muhammed Hasan

    8 timer siden

    Mathew is prepared to eat his favorite restaurant he is even wearing a tie

  69. Snipes P4k1

    Snipes P4k1

    8 timer siden

    And In the comments u have upset vegans

  70. Junior Gt

    Junior Gt

    9 timer siden

    Ramazan’da izleyenler burda mı? :D

    • Kağan kurt

      Kağan kurt

      7 timer siden


  71. Çay Tiryakisi

    Çay Tiryakisi

    9 timer siden

    Ramazan da geldi hadi izleyek

  72. 000


    9 timer siden

    Ramazanda izleyenler:D

  73. Khaled Shaheen

    Khaled Shaheen

    9 timer siden

    Ramadan Kareem P.s : why am l here ??!

    • Adam Sabra

      Adam Sabra

      9 timer siden

      Ramadan Kareem to you too

  74. massin khottour

    massin khottour

    9 timer siden

    Watching this on the first day of ramadan😫

  75. Ellis McPickle

    Ellis McPickle

    10 timer siden


  76. XO_Herato 75

    XO_Herato 75

    10 timer siden

    watching this while I'm starving

    • Adam Sabra

      Adam Sabra

      9 timer siden

      @Moos3tic me too

    • Moos3tic


      10 timer siden

      watching this during ramadan

  77. boondockpaint


    10 timer siden

    Aren't most steaks 100 cal per ounce?

  78. Dylanastic


    11 timer siden

    I can’t believe this isn’t the top viewed video on his channel this is insane these foods and everything!

  79. Tyo


    11 timer siden

    best thing to watch during Ramadan

    • mootje


      10 timer siden


  80. Ryanator


    11 timer siden

    The diameter of this dudes stomach is over 9000!

  81. Esmer Eridera

    Esmer Eridera

    11 timer siden

    so mukbangers doesn't really need to moan while eating it?? I mean crab legs. hahhaha

  82. glitch


    12 timer siden

    Mea is not ending

  83. Walzine


    12 timer siden

    Am i the only one who watches matt stonie only once a year during ramadan

    • mootje


      10 timer siden


  84. HTJ


    12 timer siden

    This guy is sacrificing his stomach And his self to reach 1k subscribers



    13 timer siden

    just want to remember, now fasting

  86. lunchbox87


    13 timer siden

    This is what a monster hunter eats before a hunt

  87. Pretzel Head

    Pretzel Head

    13 timer siden

    I would’ve watched you eat this in regular speed. That food looks crazy good

  88. Kai_ReactZ


    13 timer siden


  89. Muhammad Zurain Meer

    Muhammad Zurain Meer

    14 timer siden

    that is the worst time he has ever done

  90. SideshowBob


    14 timer siden

    I think he should do a wassabi challenge

  91. General LowRes

    General LowRes

    14 timer siden

    Wow your moving to Las Vegas I live there

  92. Paang Poong

    Paang Poong

    14 timer siden

    Why Matt wearing a tie

  93. Mark P

    Mark P

    14 timer siden

    How is this a challenge looks like a kings feast lucky bastard



    14 timer siden

    Bruh I’m fasting

  95. hendry gbf

    hendry gbf

    14 timer siden

    I bet you take a really big poop

  96. Shock Toast

    Shock Toast

    14 timer siden


  97. RennoxV


    14 timer siden

    Yo i live in san jose too !

  98. izuku midoriya

    izuku midoriya

    14 timer siden

    So do you crap outside or do you use a dam

  99. Tajon Snipes

    Tajon Snipes

    15 timer siden

    It’s its go CRAZY

  100. Robert Davis

    Robert Davis

    15 timer siden

    The most tuff anf awful looking wagyu beef I've ever seen. Who ever cooked that needs to stop cooking. Plus why a tie with a tshirt?