10 Million Thank You

10,000,000 🎉
Who would've thought.
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    10 timer siden

    How come this guy isnt fat if he is eating all that food. Theres something not right here.

  2. Turbo's world

    Turbo's world

    21 time siden

    Matt try dragon fruit challenge please

  3. Abiyyu official

    Abiyyu official

    4 dager siden

    3:45 i don't think you should man lol

  4. Jaymart


    7 dager siden

    A little over a year and you are already near 14million. Congrats again and its a well deserved!

  5. Katie Tuttle

    Katie Tuttle

    14 dager siden

    13.8M subscribers

  6. DaNnIiFfXi


    24 dager siden

    Stonie and furious Pete will always be my favourite competitive eaters there just great people stonie my fav keep killin it bro



    26 dager siden

    2020 one of the worst year of my life.

  8. Joker Gaming

    Joker Gaming

    28 dager siden

    I support you all the way homie

  9. Hopkins The Movie

    Hopkins The Movie

    29 dager siden

    Meanwhile in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 was found in a local seafood market.

  10. Mirishahe Kamberi

    Mirishahe Kamberi

    Måned siden


  11. Ian Cham

    Ian Cham

    Måned siden


  12. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    Måned siden

    10 million toilet rolls

  13. Nnemka Nweze

    Nnemka Nweze

    Måned siden

    Matt Stonie: Im feeling really good about 2020 Me: Who's gonna tell him?

  14. XD memes

    XD memes

    2 måneder siden

    yes nice work

  15. Carl


    2 måneder siden

    Congratulations, keep it up🙏

  16. Beasting Reborn

    Beasting Reborn

    2 måneder siden

    Lets see how many subs i can gain off a dum comment

    • :D ?

      :D ?

      2 måneder siden

      None jerk

  17. Jayden Hernandez

    Jayden Hernandez

    3 måneder siden

    I almost forgot about this guy

  18. Ojesh Sthapit

    Ojesh Sthapit

    3 måneder siden

    I always thought these eating challenges kinda lame until he showed up. This man is freaking beast

  19. Yoshi Vids

    Yoshi Vids

    3 måneder siden

    Yus yus yus

  20. Arqam Siddiqui

    Arqam Siddiqui

    3 måneder siden

    2019🤫 2020😈

  21. payton meginley

    payton meginley

    3 måneder siden


  22. Zubair Khan

    Zubair Khan

    3 måneder siden

    If ur looking for some South Asian easy food recipe then check this channel..nonet.info/glo/video/lnlpc5etj8iZyIM

  23. Muhyadin Ibrahim

    Muhyadin Ibrahim

    3 måneder siden

    his butt hates him from all the challenges hes done

  24. The Demon Cousins

    The Demon Cousins

    3 måneder siden

    Yay you got 10,000,000

  25. Sideline CFB

    Sideline CFB

    3 måneder siden

    Bold take saying you’re looking forward to 2020 lol

  26. Rosewood Heights

    Rosewood Heights

    3 måneder siden

    he said he is excited for 2020. everyones gonna say that about 2021.

  27. Naksh Patel

    Naksh Patel

    3 måneder siden

    Your a great person i ♥️ you so much im ligit subscribed to you and notafacations on

  28. Naksh Patel

    Naksh Patel

    3 måneder siden

    Matt congratulations

  29. NFLLover8


    4 måneder siden

    You deserve more subs than me beast he would never even do what you'd do you day g.o.a.t.

  30. Edgey Gaming

    Edgey Gaming

    4 måneder siden

    He got 3 million subs in 11 months

  31. Bliss Ventura

    Bliss Ventura

    4 måneder siden

    Damn I remember tryna eat Mcdonalds fast too lmao. I also remember loving Wreckless Eating channel

  32. Sailuz


    4 måneder siden

    3:45 yeah show him that part now

  33. CanadianGoose


    4 måneder siden

    "I'm excited about 2020" Famous last words, am I right?

  34. Terzee P

    Terzee P

    4 måneder siden

    Anyone else think he looks like Theo von

  35. BNK X1

    BNK X1

    4 måneder siden

    How did you have that much patienc to count 4044 M&M’s nonet.info/glo/video/moGqe29mfNuem50

  36. Anbvggcgvgvgv Yxtutcuctuctutfuct

    Anbvggcgvgvgv Yxtutcuctuctutfuct

    4 måneder siden

    Whos in the backgroud

  37. Andro Tchitchinadze

    Andro Tchitchinadze

    4 måneder siden

    Only Legends will remember that this was posted 10 months ago

  38. Mangonada


    5 måneder siden

    10 months ago

  39. Deniz Bör

    Deniz Bör

    5 måneder siden

    How he is still not fat

  40. Valerie Chan

    Valerie Chan

    5 måneder siden

    Even the psychics couldn't have predicted Covid 19.

  41. Jesse Jerome

    Jesse Jerome

    5 måneder siden

    So humble, lovin it 💚

  42. 185bel


    5 måneder siden

    Matt Stonie jinxed 2020 with the "i have a good feeling about 2020" 😐😞



    5 måneder siden

    im 1 billion years late on this, congrats matt

  44. Eindred


    5 måneder siden


  45. cheese toast

    cheese toast

    5 måneder siden

    Hopefully you will reach 100 million 🖤👊

  46. Ready Berg // Anime & Real Production

    Ready Berg // Anime & Real Production

    5 måneder siden

    nonet.info/glo/video/hoFmoaqdgdCmxnc this is for you

  47. Albert Grazino

    Albert Grazino

    5 måneder siden

    Matt’s gonna die one day, turn into a lion, and the worlds gonna be on a vegan diet.

  48. Cheyne Baker

    Cheyne Baker

    5 måneder siden

    Thank you my bro

  49. Marius Surmei

    Marius Surmei

    5 måneder siden

    Hello Matt, my name is Marius, I’m working for the restaurant The Burgr Factory, from Romania We are the best burger restaurant in the world with over 90 types of burgers in the menu and with a lot of challenges and crazy ideas that we post on our NOnet channel. Look, I’m perfectly conscious that I’m just another random guy that message you, ( and hopefully not annoying you ) but I’m a very huge fan and I’m watching you on NOnet for a couple of years and I’m always get very surprised of your crazy challenges. In our restaurant, The Burgr Factory, we have a lot of challenges, but the most popular one is The Bossman Challenge with a 5-6kg burger who needs to be done in 30 minutes. By far, nobody finish it and I’m 1000% sure that you will. I will love if you can come to Romania and make a vlog together, i know this will be a great and fun experience for both of us, an amazing opportunity for me to meet you and for you to visit a tremendous and underrated country. And please, don’t think about the money or any kind of expenses like the transport or the hotel, it’s our pleasure to solve that. We just just want to make new friends and have an amazing experience together Please, consider my invitation and think about it, I do really believe this will be a great experience for both of us Have a great day! With all respect, Marius Surmei

  50. Berk Video Games

    Berk Video Games

    6 måneder siden

    So overrated he deserves only like 2 million tbh

  51. Jonathan Vicari

    Jonathan Vicari

    6 måneder siden

    I have genius men’s !!!!!!!!!congratulations

  52. Zagradovska


    6 måneder siden

    "Hey guys, to celebrate my 10m milestone, I am going to be eating 10,000,000 calories in one sitting right here"

  53. Fatih Akdaş

    Fatih Akdaş

    6 måneder siden


  54. Satiric MEC

    Satiric MEC

    6 måneder siden

    OMG YES i have been subscribed for so long and had been waiting for this moment for so long and here it is

  55. Kitfam


    6 måneder siden

    Did anyone else think he was going to say Thank you 10 million times?

  56. team plays Plays

    team plays Plays

    6 måneder siden

    2020 IS WORES

  57. Bolticco


    6 måneder siden

    how can you thanks THEM, viewers, in ONE video, ONE, you got 20.000,000+ views and you only have 12.6 millions now ;(

  58. _ jeyuscarmona

    _ jeyuscarmona

    6 måneder siden

    Iloveyou, and your vlogs also. More foods to eat and vlog.

  59. Jonathan Bostic

    Jonathan Bostic

    6 måneder siden


  60. Paul Kriner

    Paul Kriner

    6 måneder siden

    2020 does not get good

    • JAY-_- SNIPEZ

      JAY-_- SNIPEZ

      6 måneder siden

      Lmao imagine 2021 😭

  61. misha lw

    misha lw

    6 måneder siden

    Is he become rich?)

  62. Gallagher Auto Spa

    Gallagher Auto Spa

    6 måneder siden


  63. Come In Peace Project

    Come In Peace Project

    6 måneder siden

    i have never cared about food challenges. Matt Stonie has great energy, and im a fan haha

  64. Toby Liu

    Toby Liu

    6 måneder siden

    Humblest guy on NOnet had 12.5 mil subs and still rocks with the android, love u brotha best guy on NOnet

  65. Loona coon

    Loona coon

    6 måneder siden


  66. Vince Pussteri

    Vince Pussteri

    6 måneder siden

    How do you stay so thin ?

  67. Default-Army


    6 måneder siden

    You desrve it man

  68. Elijah Plummer

    Elijah Plummer

    7 måneder siden

    Are you still excited about 2020?

  69. Ønyx


    7 måneder siden


  70. Rj da god 11

    Rj da god 11

    7 måneder siden

    Keep making amazing content no quality content

  71. Rj da god 11

    Rj da god 11

    7 måneder siden

    Keep making amazing content no quality content

  72. Rj da god 11

    Rj da god 11

    7 måneder siden

    No thank you u are the most amazing fast eating champion in the world I don't care how many people in the world there are you will always be the number one in Champaign

  73. Gaming #?

    Gaming #?

    7 måneder siden

    Me:cool but Are you gonna eat in this video



    7 måneder siden


  75. xHYDRAx_Youtube


    7 måneder siden

    *what can I say except your welcome*

  76. CLIPAX


    7 måneder siden

    The King of Calories Burner🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. shan valdi

    shan valdi

    7 måneder siden

    0:29 look at this dude

  78. Eric Lonzo

    Eric Lonzo

    7 måneder siden

    It's crazy how 2020 has been probably overall craziest historically changing year ever in my 40 year's.

  79. Mstnurun Khanam

    Mstnurun Khanam

    7 måneder siden

    U started yt when i was only tree years old i think probably 4 tho

  80. Jeremy Hayes

    Jeremy Hayes

    7 måneder siden

    I hope you you keep making videos ❤

  81. MrJohn


    7 måneder siden

    Seeing the guitar leaned up against the wall makes me die a little inside (Guitar/making music is a bit of a hobby of mine but I’m not exactly good, don’t bother clicking my channel)

  82. LydaMan


    7 måneder siden

    hello from Vietnam

  83. hendrix exe has stopped working

    hendrix exe has stopped working

    8 måneder siden

    I watched you hit 7 million subscribers on a live subscriber count on SocialBlade a year ago... Look how far you've come... It's amazing how far you've come Matt... Love your vids! Keep up the great work!

  84. Kethan Chowdary

    Kethan Chowdary

    8 måneder siden

    Conragulations to reach a 1000000

    • Kethan Chowdary

      Kethan Chowdary

      8 måneder siden


  85. Daniel James

    Daniel James

    8 måneder siden

    boi oh boi was he wrong about 2020

  86. Lei Del Rey

    Lei Del Rey

    8 måneder siden

    The Best!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🙌

  87. Hazard


    8 måneder siden

    When Matt will die , he gonna eat his own corpse in casket.

    • Randhir Ramsingh

      Randhir Ramsingh

      7 måneder siden


  88. Lorenzo Halevy

    Lorenzo Halevy

    8 måneder siden

    Do a 10 mil calorie challenge. Jkjk

  89. Deadpool Games

    Deadpool Games

    8 måneder siden


  90. Ahmad Jones

    Ahmad Jones

    8 måneder siden

    Damn 2.1 million more subs in just 7 months 🤯

  91. Dang Le

    Dang Le

    8 måneder siden

    Hey I’m from the future. I got some bad news for you about 2020.

  92. Dang Le

    Dang Le

    8 måneder siden

    Do a poke challenge

  93. Olivia Lisnichy

    Olivia Lisnichy

    8 måneder siden

    Is he like Japanese??

  94. Sidmann


    8 måneder siden

    Am I the only one The wire routed up and across the wall driving me completely nuts!!

  95. Tayseer Tarifi

    Tayseer Tarifi

    8 måneder siden

    your are welcome



    8 måneder siden

    Wow matt you have grown my niga👌🏾 congratulations

  97. UNA. โนอา

    UNA. โนอา

    8 måneder siden


  98. 25thBam Gaming

    25thBam Gaming

    9 måneder siden

    Just binge watching, and that mkbhd comment was so funny 😂

  99. Indian TechSupport

    Indian TechSupport

    9 måneder siden

    Wow he gained 2 mil in 6 months

  100. Syukrin Waie

    Syukrin Waie

    9 måneder siden

    in 6 months.you got 12M subs.lov y matt.i hope i can see you really soon.