10,000 Calorie FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS Challenge!!!

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10,200 Calories of Flamin' Hot Cheetos! Someone had to do it! Actually, no one had to do it, I just felt like it would be a fun idea...

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  1. Noah Reed

    Noah Reed

    7 minutter siden

    I expected 10 bags thats what I do every other day im disapointed

  2. Taner Gencer

    Taner Gencer

    Time siden

    Brother, when I watch you, it hurts me very much

  3. Kroot MaCroot

    Kroot MaCroot

    Time siden

    I kind of don't see the point of these timed videos. Like having a bunch of food in front of you but only eating like 1/3. It's a bit of click bait xD. Anyways, fan of you Matt ;D

  4. قلم Pencil

    قلم Pencil

    Time siden

    اكو عرب 😂 ok

  5. قلم Pencil

    قلم Pencil

    Time siden


  6. Walid Khan

    Walid Khan

    2 timer siden


  7. saptarshi chaudhuri

    saptarshi chaudhuri

    2 timer siden

    Skip first 3.20 min🙂❤

  8. Sai Burujula

    Sai Burujula

    2 timer siden

    That doesn't look healthy for your kid, Karen LOL

  9. Robby Parsonson

    Robby Parsonson

    3 timer siden

    I did the math and found he consumed about 3,500 calories of cheetos!

  10. Marley Carty

    Marley Carty

    5 timer siden

    That is hot!!!!!xx

  11. El pro master rap roblox 129 U77kaesaz

    El pro master rap roblox 129 U77kaesaz

    5 timer siden


  12. El pro master rap roblox 129 U77kaesaz

    El pro master rap roblox 129 U77kaesaz

    5 timer siden

    0_0 omg 😱 that’s to 🥵

  13. Vcxy is free lol

    Vcxy is free lol

    6 timer siden

    Him after the video 👦🏻--------🚽💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  14. Der Kriegsverbrecher

    Der Kriegsverbrecher

    6 timer siden

    This moment when you are making Ramadan

  15. Rabindra Pradhan

    Rabindra Pradhan

    7 timer siden

    Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 look at his face

  16. Maryam 22

    Maryam 22

    7 timer siden


  17. Janne Toropainen

    Janne Toropainen

    7 timer siden

    The toilet next morning: *why do i hear boss music?*

  18. [ chocøbiscuit ]

    [ chocøbiscuit ]

    7 timer siden

    whatever he do won't clean the smell in his hands

  19. Colorful Sky

    Colorful Sky

    8 timer siden

    Ariana Grande: Seven Rings Eminem: Seven Lungs Lukas Graham: Seven Years Matt: Seven Stomachs :D

  20. Afnane Hammoumi

    Afnane Hammoumi

    9 timer siden

    It's easy for me

  21. AbdulHadi Siddiqui

    AbdulHadi Siddiqui

    10 timer siden


  22. mandarina min

    mandarina min

    11 timer siden

    esas madres ni pican

  23. Darsani


    12 timer siden

    It's look sooooo tastey I want to eat that too ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Mark P

    Mark P

    14 timer siden

    That chick your slowing down😆like this shits easy

  25. Anthony Ayson

    Anthony Ayson

    14 timer siden

    I've seen this lol

  26. iPrxple


    14 timer siden

    I love hot Cheetos but not this much

  27. Shem Weekes

    Shem Weekes

    15 timer siden

    Challenge: Flaming Hot Cheetos Next Challenge: Flaming Hot Diarrhea

  28. DogeShibaDog


    16 timer siden

    Latina ladies be like at 7am

  29. StaticBlaster


    17 timer siden

    You're The Man, Stonie! Congrats bro. Very impressive!

  30. Bell’s Builds

    Bell’s Builds

    18 timer siden

    Anyone else see that sc Johnson soap in the back imao ☠️ 😂

  31. Bell’s Builds

    Bell’s Builds

    18 timer siden

    Bahaha that’s me sitting in the back of the class with my friends 😂 ☠️

  32. zenia genon

    zenia genon

    18 timer siden

    O my God I think I'm gonna fainted you eat hundred of it I only eat 4 of that

  33. I hate you wajd

    I hate you wajd

    18 timer siden

    It's crazy. But well done.

  34. Pow pow Gab

    Pow pow Gab

    20 timer siden

    i feel like im the one eating the cheetos

  35. Roberto Bouche'

    Roberto Bouche'

    21 time siden

    I seen the thumbnail and got instant heartburn.

  36. Red Hooded Jackal

    Red Hooded Jackal

    21 time siden

    I ate these in middle school literally felt like my mouth was being melted no joke

  37. Elizabeth Chuang

    Elizabeth Chuang

    21 time siden

    the end result looked like he murdered someone-

  38. Aishma Rai

    Aishma Rai

    Dag siden

    He need this 🚽🚽

  39. Beckett BORSHEIM

    Beckett BORSHEIM

    Dag siden

    This man should take spice kinds merch “shh asmr”

  40. Siyamand Dilgash

    Siyamand Dilgash

    Dag siden

    Oh no

  41. JordanOGPlayer


    Dag siden

    It sounds like the Chuck E. Cheese token eater 😭😭

  42. ONKAR Taran

    ONKAR Taran

    Dag siden

    You are really loyal to your food, never leave anything behind 😅

  43. linklesound


    Dag siden

    haha ✌️😂♥️ oh maaaan🌹

  44. Audrey McClellan

    Audrey McClellan

    Dag siden

    i bet hes dying

  45. Chui Pin Koh

    Chui Pin Koh

    Dag siden

    Wowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! That to much how can you do this!

  46. Pharma Pharma

    Pharma Pharma

    Dag siden

    That was so funny 😆😆

  47. Chick Magnet Joe

    Chick Magnet Joe

    Dag siden

    Nobody: Black girls in the back of my class:

  48. HRsH Official

    HRsH Official

    Dag siden

    ढोर 😂

  49. cHoU GaTIn

    cHoU GaTIn

    Dag siden

    Can you eat without timer

  50. FakePillow


    Dag siden

    Tip: use sugar water/lemonade or lemonade + sugar water or honey for less spiciness or peanut butter + honey for overpowering sweetness

  51. 0LL3Y


    Dag siden

    My mom: who ate all the Cheetos?? Me: wasn’t me! My mom:Why are you lying? Me:I’m not! Me again: wait-Matt stonie was here!! Matt:Uh! It wasn’t me! Me:*looks at his hand* Me again: “cAuGht yOu rEd HaNdEd” “MooOoOOoOm!!”

  52. Shaima


    Dag siden


  53. squeedily spooch

    squeedily spooch

    Dag siden

    This should be on a satisfying complication

  54. Iggy


    Dag siden

    The new and improved hot cheeto girl.

  55. Derick Toxtle

    Derick Toxtle

    Dag siden

    His toilet is not looking too good after this



    Dag siden

    Business right?



      Dag siden


  57. Brandon Henry Medina Palacios

    Brandon Henry Medina Palacios

    Dag siden

    Acabo De Comer Un Chetto Flamin Hoy

  58. Mr. Rice

    Mr. Rice

    Dag siden

    Chuck E. Cheese ticket counter be like

  59. Filip Bartosiak

    Filip Bartosiak

    Dag siden

    That's a lot of sodium

  60. Samantha Jones

    Samantha Jones

    Dag siden

    I wanna know how long it takes him to eat that peacefully 😂

    • مستر / بسه

      مستر / بسه

      7 timer siden


  61. Souna


    Dag siden

    Mad Respect For This Man For Eating All These Hot Cheetos. Like If You Would Never Do This Challenge.

  62. Loopdah


    Dag siden

    Every like this comment gets, his toilet gets 1 peaceful day

  63. Pretty princess girl Girly girl

    Pretty princess girl Girly girl

    Dag siden


  64. Jace Lambert

    Jace Lambert

    2 dager siden

    Bro’s toilet is suffering after this

  65. Saied Mohamed

    Saied Mohamed

    2 dager siden

    He should do a video with sidemen about eating

  66. XxDragonPlayzxX


    2 dager siden

    Tbh I think I could really eat this! Every time I get hot Cheetos, I finish it straight away =)

  67. McWedgieDude


    2 dager siden

    That one kid at a kids party

  68. puzzlexyz


    2 dager siden

    you look like handofblood



    2 dager siden

    King matt stonie

  70. isaiah wesley

    isaiah wesley

    2 dager siden

    Wow I've never seen anybody eat like that

  71. NO_Obs Daily

    NO_Obs Daily

    2 dager siden

    He's the 4 parties

  72. Ambaram Parmar

    Ambaram Parmar

    2 dager siden

    Disclaimer:- Messy Eating Challenge.



    2 dager siden

    His ass must be burning right now

  74. FunFidgetsSophie


    2 dager siden

    Him:eats all those spicy Cheetos Me:thinking ketchup is spicy just cause it’s red

  75. ISMAIL El alaoui

    ISMAIL El alaoui

    2 dager siden

    MrBeast:Uhhhhhh....... Today we are challenging the most powerful eater and he is................ MrBeast:Matt stonie!

  76. Adam Masadeh

    Adam Masadeh

    2 dager siden

    Matt stone stop eating chips u make me so hungry 😋

  77. Shishir Thapa

    Shishir Thapa

    2 dager siden

    can i get one pack....

  78. WovenBruh


    2 dager siden

    if my mom saw this video, i would never be allowed to eat spicy chips ever again

  79. bigscarr poohshiesty

    bigscarr poohshiesty

    2 dager siden

    Hot cheetos🤣😁

  80. Addison rea Sunrea

    Addison rea Sunrea

    2 dager siden

    Ewwwwwwww wtf

  81. Go Rr

    Go Rr

    2 dager siden

    ههههههههههههههههههه يرقص

  82. Ow O

    Ow O

    2 dager siden

    This guy looks like he wants to play games on yo phone

  83. Angel Remigio

    Angel Remigio

    2 dager siden

    Me: send me the left overs I wanna try Matt: ok but ur gonna die me: plz I love spicy food won’t be hard

  84. EXLR8


    2 dager siden

    Rip toilet

  85. Yiğit Sarıkurt

    Yiğit Sarıkurt

    2 dager siden


  86. Thatguyahir Boi

    Thatguyahir Boi

    2 dager siden

    is it bussin stonie????

  87. Dr. slug

    Dr. slug

    2 dager siden

    3:30 inice

  88. snopyhoppp


    3 dager siden

    Which would you pick Takis or Cheetos?

  89. Ahmed Aqeel

    Ahmed Aqeel

    3 dager siden

    I love you matt 💙

  90. Luca Palm

    Luca Palm

    3 dager siden

    The teacher “no eating in class” That one girl who likes cats and sits in the back of the class

    • Reality Dripp

      Reality Dripp

      Dag siden

      @Filip Bartosiak i dont want too;)

    • Filip Bartosiak

      Filip Bartosiak

      Dag siden

      @Reality Dripp why? Are you my boss:0

    • Reality Dripp

      Reality Dripp

      Dag siden

      @Filip Bartosiak and ?? Mind yo business!!

    • Luca Palm

      Luca Palm

      Dag siden

      @Filip Bartosiakit’s a meme dude it’s not copied

    • Filip Bartosiak

      Filip Bartosiak

      Dag siden

      That's a copied comment but edited, you just doing it to get likes

  91. Wasted _Youth

    Wasted _Youth

    3 dager siden

    This dude's toilet be like (everytime he does a challenge) : Ah shit, here we go again...

  92. Jéssica Lemos lemos

    Jéssica Lemos lemos

    3 dager siden

    Por favor, coloca legenda em português

  93. *_Afton_*Familly_*


    3 dager siden

    All i can say 👁️💋👁️

  94. brainelys cristal mendoza

    brainelys cristal mendoza

    3 dager siden

    5:49 the way that his eye is just trying not to get spyci in the eye tho

  95. Elaine K

    Elaine K

    3 dager siden


  96. Nusaifa's Creativities

    Nusaifa's Creativities

    3 dager siden

    Nobody Literally nobody Le me: during the whole video just thought and being worried about that how'll be his next po**

  97. Bubble Tea

    Bubble Tea

    3 dager siden

    Water for spice ❌ Milk for spice ✅

  98. Ashley Danielle

    Ashley Danielle

    3 dager siden

    kinda Eyes Lola

  99. -0cean-


    3 dager siden

    This makes me so hungry 🤤

  100. chadjoneslsu


    3 dager siden

    30 Popeyes biscuits no water . Death