Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie

I record myself eating food and upload it here.

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  1. King Bilz

    King Bilz

    4 timer siden

    Matt toilet had a heart attack 😂

  2. Rifky Zamroni

    Rifky Zamroni

    4 timer siden

    Bang collab SM tanboy Kun

  3. Ruan Antunes

    Ruan Antunes

    4 timer siden

    Should've ordered Ryder's meal too because Big Smoke also ate that...... Also it shouldn't be possible for any human being to consume this much food in one go.

  4. Stiven


    4 timer siden


  5. piadmngo


    4 timer siden

    here stonie just eating and then the girl just watching him eat insanely fast

  6. Ren


    4 timer siden


  7. prabhanshu sharma

    prabhanshu sharma

    4 timer siden

    Everytime i feel hungry i watch mat’s vdo 😅

  8. Scotty2Hotty


    4 timer siden

    It would have been cool if he could have held off a bit and finished at 4:20......

  9. Shazia Qamar

    Shazia Qamar

    4 timer siden

    Give me this lays 😂😂😍😍😍

  10. Ozzoe


    4 timer siden

    Is Morgan drunk?

  11. Phạm Sơn Tùng

    Phạm Sơn Tùng

    4 timer siden

    What's the liquid he drank?

  12. DD gaming

    DD gaming

    4 timer siden


  13. sanket jadhav

    sanket jadhav

    4 timer siden

    From India here, great videos. Would like to see you take Vadapav Challenge. Maximum Vadapavs in a minute 😀

  14. Chicken nooget

    Chicken nooget

    4 timer siden

    The food in the water bottle tho 😷

  15. Laine White

    Laine White

    5 timer siden

    Your stomach is going to burst

  16. Hyve _Roblox

    Hyve _Roblox

    5 timer siden

    Why every time USA say frenche frise in frenche i don't say USA burger....

  17. matthew autton

    matthew autton

    5 timer siden

    100% certain this man is just an organic dark matter compactor

  18. Zombie lite

    Zombie lite

    5 timer siden

    He ate Gum Gum fruit Now he became a rubber man.

  19. tusshar Krishna

    tusshar Krishna

    5 timer siden

    See the diffrence

  20. James Gjerde

    James Gjerde

    5 timer siden


  21. Edwin Brooks

    Edwin Brooks

    5 timer siden

    Heart attack

  22. RENGESH Madhu

    RENGESH Madhu

    5 timer siden

    Who are all watching this video daily Attendence pls

  23. serene dale

    serene dale

    5 timer siden


  24. MAGNEZONE Gaming

    MAGNEZONE Gaming

    5 timer siden

    thats a freaking Shiny Poplio ✨

  25. Paolo Noka

    Paolo Noka

    5 timer siden

    appetite go brrrrrrrrrr

  26. Lianne Roban

    Lianne Roban

    5 timer siden

    alternate title:matt commits a cookie-cide

  27. Vasundhara Dwadasi

    Vasundhara Dwadasi

    5 timer siden

    OMG!!! I am gonna get fat by watching him eat!!!

  28. H,A Animation

    H,A Animation

    5 timer siden

    Co*ona virus have nothing to do with this guy

  29. Kazuki XIVV

    Kazuki XIVV

    5 timer siden

    Weird i got unsubbed no Wonder why i couldn't see his video anymore.

  30. Uncle Rezz

    Uncle Rezz

    5 timer siden

    matt can you do another spicy noodle challenge.

  31. Elf


    5 timer siden

    Fun equals obesity to them. Okay.

  32. Sai Sunil

    Sai Sunil

    5 timer siden

    Its 90 but u r doing like its 9

  33. Doug Judy

    Doug Judy

    5 timer siden

    He beat joe cheastnut

  34. Shoshwilo Kent

    Shoshwilo Kent

    5 timer siden

    My man had the time of his life 😗

  35. Rushikesh Kshirsagr

    Rushikesh Kshirsagr

    5 timer siden

    Fuck how does he dint get fat

  36. badgerbox


    5 timer siden


  37. Tonie Galvez

    Tonie Galvez

    5 timer siden

    Gotta catch em all more like gotta eat em all to catch em all LOL

  38. The Sibling Gamers!

    The Sibling Gamers!

    5 timer siden

    Matt stonie 2021: today im gonna break the world record on a restaurant! Matt Stone 2080: TODAY I WILL BREAK THE WORLD RECORD ON ALL RESTAURANTS EVEN ON EVERY COUNTRY’S!

  39. Utsav Talaviya

    Utsav Talaviya

    5 timer siden

    Dont eat nonveg

  40. Saharat Voraput

    Saharat Voraput

    5 timer siden

    from microwave to 21 pieces!! finally it stop thanks god!!! hate that rock intro music lol to noisy

  41. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi

    5 timer siden

    Other countries : Fire spicy hot food Indians : This are our kids noodles

  42. STimULouS Sicx

    STimULouS Sicx

    5 timer siden

    His hand was as red as my blood

  43. Dominik40301


    5 timer siden

    He could just swallow those gummy bears, they are small enough...but it seems he wasnt that smart

  44. Benji 1

    Benji 1

    5 timer siden

    Shrek Intensifies

  45. ArtGamer2234


    5 timer siden

    How can so much food fit in a stomach? This can’t be healthy At least he made 3500$ for it lol

  46. gotchaTOE


    5 timer siden

    I thaught he was gonna eat himself to death ngl.

  47. Bilbo Swaggins

    Bilbo Swaggins

    5 timer siden

    Lmao this is the same guy from the Critical video

  48. Itz Charwie

    Itz Charwie

    5 timer siden

    Mom: you can't play video games until you eat your food Matt:

  49. rahul yadav

    rahul yadav

    5 timer siden

    Love u my friend matt

  50. Corruption


    5 timer siden


  51. deal with it

    deal with it

    5 timer siden

    Everyone's talking about that girls record time, did anyone mention Joey Chestnut time? There's no way that girl beat Joey at way.

  52. The Loel Channel

    The Loel Channel

    5 timer siden

    Bang tanboy kun mana nih?😅😅😅

  53. Danny Hoogenboom

    Danny Hoogenboom

    5 timer siden

    How the hell you get so Skinny lol

  54. Carls Gaming

    Carls Gaming

    5 timer siden

    I feel bad for him

  55. Dominik40301


    5 timer siden

    Why is this called " challenge" and has timer since he does stupid things like stops eating and explains stupit stuff during challenge?

  56. swag pro

    swag pro

    5 timer siden

    To be honest that looks like my Thanksgiving plate

  57. Dustin Hess

    Dustin Hess

    5 timer siden

    Ive never seen anyone suffer through chocolate chip cookies before... Ive seen it all, now i can die

  58. Aadil saifi

    Aadil saifi

    5 timer siden

    Only legends know how he burn all the calories 😏😏

  59. EZzz Imnoob

    EZzz Imnoob

    5 timer siden

    Doctor 👨‍⚕ Remind Me Johnny sins 🤣

  60. Robert R. Salotto

    Robert R. Salotto

    5 timer siden

    Unreal how much u can eat

  61. 🎶 ITS MUSIC


    5 timer siden


  62. Ducks are cool

    Ducks are cool

    5 timer siden

    Beast Burger Mukbang

  63. SiLeNt killer XD

    SiLeNt killer XD

    5 timer siden

    I wonder that ,wat material is his stomach made up of,and he is that first person who defeated Santas world record in eatin cookies

  64. Werewolff


    5 timer siden

    Imagine him going into a buffet.

  65. Conor Brannelly

    Conor Brannelly

    5 timer siden

    Do a Chris hemsworth diet challenge

  66. w776


    5 timer siden

    👋Howdy folks👋, this is 👉me👈, 🇺🇸Colonel Sanders🇺🇸. For $5💵 you can fill up☝️ your car🚗🚗 with ⛽️gasoline, or you can fill up🔺 yourself with my $5💵 fill up 🔝 with finger👐👐 licken' 💯good👌 sauce. It's tender, it's juicy, it's 😋😋delicious😋😋. 🎤Three 🍗chicken 🍗 tenders, 'taters🍨 and gravy🍽, I threw in a🅰️🅰️ 🍞biscuit🍞, and 🅰️a🅰️ big 'ol cookie 🍪!🎤

  67. Tyson Ruck

    Tyson Ruck

    5 timer siden

    Ok, I get this is a hard thing to do...... But, he STILL had food in his mouth/chewing when they called it. .....Soooo, not 100% official?

  68. Anuj Prasanth

    Anuj Prasanth

    6 timer siden

    I’m not used to eating the breasts and thighs. You should be Matt you should be lol

  69. Alex Kokkotis

    Alex Kokkotis

    6 timer siden

    How does this guy have a girl ????

  70. Byja Shanavas

    Byja Shanavas

    6 timer siden

    He eats like a beast?!?!?

  71. FC


    6 timer siden

    Why does that look sooooo delicious tho 🤤

  72. pbmaxman


    6 timer siden

    Holy Cow !!! You're a beast Matt Stonie.

  73. Greedy Green

    Greedy Green

    6 timer siden

    4:03 when your full but grandma will get steamed if you waste it

  74. Dipesh BUDHATHOKI


    6 timer siden

    He looks like a Zombie